Art of Attack Toyota GR86

One of our more recent pick ups. This is currently our development 86, used to test new product from different brands in the industry. 

Scroll down to to see the build as it sits now, and to see a full spread of build details.

To see how the build got to this point and to watch its inevitable transformation into a full track car head to our Motorsport Journal build thread.


Build Specs //

  • Stock FA24 engine
  • Tomei header
  • HKS exhaust system
  • Exceed front lip
  • Exceed side skirts
  • TOM's rear spoiler
  • KW V3 Clubsport coilovers
  • Eibach swaybars
  • Endless ME20 sprint race brake pads
  • Volk ZE40 wheels; 18"x9.5” +35
  • Yokohama A052 tires; 255x35x18 square 
  • Studio RSR roll bar
  • Recaro bucket seats
  • NDF/Tanida steering wheel
  • Battlecraft quick release
  • Works Bell short hub
  • Cusco race harnesses
  • Cusco tow hook set
  • Cusco accelerator pedal cover

Current Lap Times //






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Art of Attack GR86 Build Journal

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