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Art of Attack GR86 Build Journal

Most recent build updates are at the top. Scroll down to catch up on the story. Follow @artofattack for more.

12/19/22 // One shot: Attack GR86 at Formula Drift Irwindale with Pit and Paddock 

11/12/22 // Battlecraft QR

Battlecraft just blessed us with their new Quick Release, so we threw it into the GR86. It's a really clean design that works super smoothly. We paired it with a limited run NDF/Tanida steering wheel that we picked up a few months ago. After the install we were anxious to take the 86 for a spin, so we went for a spirited drive through our local GMR canyon with our friends of Enthusiast Garage.  

08/22/22 // Attack 86 Overhaul and Upgrading from KW's to KW's

It's been a long summer break! With the cool Fall track weather around the corner, we're back at it. All summer we've been stacking parts for all the builds so this should be a fun 2nd half of the year.

Today we start with a pretty serious GR86 upgrade. We've been running KW's Variant # coilovers for several months, and loved them. The V3 is our favorite hybrid street/track coilover providing the ability to lower the car and stiffer spring rates, while still giving a very comfortable, close to stock feel for daily driving. But now it's time to switch to KW's more serious track spec line, the Clubsports.

If the V3 line is KW's hybrid street/track coilover, the Clubsport is almost a dedicated track coilover. Stiffer rates and more aggressive valving, they come with camber adjustable top hats, and are a noticeable stiffer ride on the street than OEM/KW V3's. But in the direction this car is headed in, a necessary upgrade.

We're also started working on track safety, installing a Studio RSR roll bar, a pair of Recaro bucket seats and a pair of Cusco 6pt harnesses.

We were also able to nab a previous 86 model HKS exhaust. We saw it on HKS USA's GR86 when they stopped by to visit the other day and fell in love with the look.

And finally, one of our favorite parts of a build to tackle, aesthetics. We saw some photos a few weeks ago of Yasu's GR86 in Japan (owner of Exceed JP), rocking their new 86 lip kit and we fell in love. We immediately reached out to the Battlecraft team, Exceed's US distributor and locked in our own kit. Peep the photos below.

Paired with a Tom's ducktail spoiler.

And now here is the result of a weeks worth of upgrades. Now to find a track day to test this all out. 

01/20/22 // Drop-and-Wheels Magic

Turns out all the 86 needed to look really good was a drop and wheels haha The classic formula works again. Our friends at KW Suspension sent us a set of coilovers, but before installing them we let the guys at Eibach Springs test fit their prototype lowering spring kit. It's actually a great looking kit that has a near stock ride, and will be a great option for the average enthusiast. Here are a few photos of that set up.

Ok, so after the Eibach test fit it was time to swap our KW Suspension Variant 3 coilovers. KW hasn't made a model specific to the new GR86, but luckily the previous gen 86 kit fit perfectly. We'll be giving KW feedback regarding spring rates so they have more data available to complete their dedicated GR86 version V3.

We also installed some 18x9.5 ZE40's in the previous GR86 spec and they were REALLY close to perfect. We had to trim the inner edge of the rear quarters just a hair but exterior looks untouched. The result, an amazing stance. The car looks 100x better with a nice fat tire set up.

We also added some Endless Brakes ME20 pads for a more aggressive bite on track, and some Cusco tow hooks.

The day after installing our boys at DogHouse were hosting a track day at Willow Springs Streets of Willow track so we took the car out to feel out the new suspension and wheel package. We ran into our buddy Jay Cray who just picked up Subaru's BRZ version of the same car.

01/07/22 // Get Familiar

Say hello to the newest Attack build, our Toyota GR86. We picked up the fully redesigned 86 because it looks like it's going to have a ton of potential, aftermarket support is already surprisingly strong, and it's just a great looking little coupe. As of now the plan is to keep it fairly stock, swapping out all the bolt ons we can, see what kind of times it can do at track, and take it from there. We're already stacking parts, but for now enjoy these photos of the 100% stock 86 and look out for updates in the next few weeks. 


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