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Work Meister VS-XX Step Lip Wheel

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Because there are a near infinite amount of options in terms of sizing, color, and bolt patterns, all three piece wheels are sold on an inquiry basis to make sure we can get you the exact wheel in the exact specs your after. You can also contact us for inquiries and we can help you that way as well.

Upon check out, we will send you an email to find the exact setup you're after so we can figure out pricing, lead time, etc.. - Thank You!

A classic such as the WORK VS-XX requires few refinements, but our focus is to adapt to vehicle changes and trends. The WORK VS-XX Step Rim has two main differences between the standard model, which are:

1) Step Rim Barrel: Typically, the VS-XX has been offered using a Full Reverse barrel, which has a flat lip that extends to the edge of the barrel. This VS-XX Step Rim model uses a Step Rim barrel, which has a step in the lip to the edge of the barrel. In order to achieve this, a new center disk (with smaller diameter) was designed to properly adapt to the new barrel design. 

2) Larger Big Brake Caliper Clearance: In recent years, vehicle manufacturers have equipped vehicles from the factory with large brake setups. In addition, aftermarket brake manufacturers have also increased sizing of their brake applications. As a result, WORK Wheels has added additional center disks that offer more brake clearance to clear both factory and aftermarket big brake setups. Please note that brake clearance must be verified with WORK Wheels USA, as clearance is not a given.

- Here are a few examples of the OEM vehicles that we have verified clearance for: Nissan GT-R (R35) 2009-2014 (OEM Brembo), Mitsubishi Evolution 8/9/10 (OEM Brembo), Nissan 350Z (OEM Brembo), Nissan 370Z (OEM Akebono), Infiniti G35 (OEM Brembo), Infiniti G37 (OEM Akebono), Subaru STI 2004-2014 (OEM Brembo), and many others.

Standard center disk finishes include Burning Silver (BS) and Gold (GLD) Finish. Custom finishes are available, please contact WORK Wheels USA for options. Sizing comes in 19 and 20, with widths from 7.5 up to 12.5 wide. The wheel comes standard with anodized polished barrels. 

Due to its three piece modular construction, you can choose from a range of provided offsets, allowing for varying wheel fitment for different vehicles. Wheels are custom built to order in Japan, using the latest low pressure casting and barrel forming technology.

Included with wheel: VS center cap + straight type valvestem (in outer barrel)