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Work Meister S1 3P Wheel

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Because there are a near infinite amount of options in terms of sizing, color, and bolt patterns, all three piece wheels are sold on an inquiry basis to make sure we can get you the exact wheel in the exact specs your after. You can also contact us for inquiries and we can help you that way as well.

Upon check out, we will send you an email to find the exact setup you're after so we can figure out pricing, lead time, etc.. - Thank You!

Meister S1 (3 Piece). Meister series has been the one of the most recognized WORK wheels in our line up. The Meister S1 3P is a true three piece modular construction wheel. Each wheel is constructed with our advanced forming outer and inner rim barrel with bolt on center disk. The advantage of three piece wheels are, strength, rebuildable and wider rim width. Very popular with larger sport coupe that require wider rim width. Custom PCD (Bolt-Pattern) option available.

Available finishes: Silver (SIL) / Black (BLK) / Bright Buff Finish (BBF)
- Included accessories: (1) Valvestem (V29A / V13C2) / (1) Spoke decal / (1) Lip decal
- Silver assembly bolts are standard. Chrome / Gold / Black are additional cost
- For lip size of 33mm, the center disk will protrude from rim edge by 12mm 

A Disk
A-Disk is our standard disk type. It has moderate amount of brake clearance, fits over most OEM brake calipers. It offer moderate amount of lip. A disk option is available on all WORK two and three piece wheels. 

O disk
O disk is designed mostly for rear wheel use. Noticed the curvature of the spoke is slightly less then A-Disk and the hub area is slightly thinner. Since spoke curve is less then A-Disk, then the center disk will appear to be flatter and allow more lip to be exposed, but this give the wheels least amount of brake clearance. O disk is available on all WORK two and three piece wheels. 

L,R,T disk
L,R,T disk are all big brake caliper disks. These are designed for BBK application or OEM vehicle with larger size brake calipers. Noticed the curvature of the spoke is much more then A and O disk thus to create more room for brake caliper, but very little lip shown. Almost all WORK two and three piece wheels are available with R disk option.