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TracTuff Water Pump Housing Delete Plate Kit - K-series Application

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Tractuff's Street K-Series water pump housing delete is designed to take the place of the heavy OEM mechanical water pump housing, water pump, and thermostat assembly. Sought after for the decent weight savings but mostly chosen for the HP freed up! Significant reduction in parasitic drag the motor experiences turning the water pump and further gains from not turning an alternator for those that opt for just the plate! Additional benefits include eliminating pump cavitation during sustained high RPM use, programming the ECU to turn the pump off for short periods where you don't want/ need water movement in exchange for more power by means of less load on the charging system, and then being able to keep the pump and fan on to cool the motor while the engine is off.

CNC machined from US milled 6061 aluminum; the plate incorporates an OEM o-ring groove and a large 1-5/16"-12 SAE (-16AN ORB) inlet port for great water flow and hassle free fitting clocking. The breather port is a 3/4"-16 SAE (-8AN ORB) port and was chosen because the factory crank case chamber is already rather restricted and larger fittings really wont do much but empty you wallet faster.

The tensioner assembly is also machined from 6061 aluminum and uses US made QA-1 rod-ends and stainless steel jamb nuts. The tensioners adjustment range works for a vary large number of the alternator pulley/ crank pulley combos... but its not always perfect. I say that its not always perfect because there are several factory and aftermarket crank pulley diameters as well as various generations of B and D series alternators, making the belt length unique. As a result, I'm reluctant to sell belts... I much rather sell the kit without and let you determine the belt length based on your specific choices vs. selling you a belt and then you having to either change the crank or alternator pulley... or shorten/ lengthen the tensioner. 

The updated alternator mounting bracket design has been created to address the issues associated with installers over-tightening the alternators pivot point; mainly an issue w/ the D17 EM2 alternator and it its ability to collapse/ give. The new mounting bracket is 60% thicker which allows for more initial torque (bolt to mounting bracket) and a nyloc-nut that can be torqued to keep the hardware from loosening.

Various alternators may be used with this kit but due to slight variations in design... a very small amount of material may need to be removed from the alternator or the bracket to work with each other. Late model B and D series alternators with a ribbed drive pulley fit the bracket without any extra effort. The 2000-2001 DC2 Type R (B18C5) has the 2nd. highest amperage output and the 1999-2000 Civic Si (B16) or 2001-2005 Civic (D17) have the lowest amperage. If you are looking for the highest amperage OEM option and you are either willing or able to modify the lower mounting ear of the alternator as well as buy a reducer bushing for the upper ear; I recommend the 2000-2009 S2000 (F20C/ F22C) alternator. The S2000 alternator conveniently has the same number of pulley ribs, rotates the same direction, and has the same plug as the K. 

This kit works hand in hand with Tractuff's electric water pump mount for the Meziere WP136S electric water pump as well as the electric water pump hose kit to get water from the pump to the water pump delete plate. If you plan on ordering the electric water pump hose kit, do not select any inlet port fittings here, you will be asked to choose fittings with that product.

-16 ORB (O-Ring Boss) Inlet and -8 ORB Breather Port

Notch to Clear Block

XRP 90° -16 Fitting