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Tanabe Sustec Pro Comfort-R Coilover System - Honda/Acura Applications

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Tanabe USA is proud to introduce the new brand Revel to meet the ever-changing demands of the automotive market. Backed by over 30 years' experience with product development, the goal is to offer quality automotive parts focusing on manufacturing quality, long lasting performance while still maintaining proper aesthetics.

Tanabe Sustec Pro Comfort-R Coilovers are a new coilover kit that is designed to provide the maximum amount of comfort with the balance of performance and height adjustability. With advanced coilover dampers produced by KYB, the Sustec Pro CR coilovers aim to deliver smooth ride quality without sacrificing strength or handling. Excellent for daily drivers! Tanabe Sustec Pro CR coilovers use advanced dampers made by KYB and offers fully adjustable ride height and a twin tube design. Made and tested on every vehicle application to meet the maximum comfort levels and direct fit. Sustec Pro CR uses the same high quality PRO210 Springs found on the SUSTEC PRO FIVE Coilover System. These are the same springs that were used in the Reito MOLA GT-R & Keihin Real Racing HSV-010 in the JGTC GT500 Class in Japan! Tanabe Sustec Pro Comfort R Coilovers


  • Fully Height Adjustable 
  • Advanced Comfort Dampers made by KYB 
  • Same high quality PRO210 Springs found on the Sustec Pro Five Coilovers 
  • Designed for maximum comfort without sacrifice for performance 
  • Twin tube design 
  • Non damper adjustable (pre set at the factory)