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Rywire Custom Tucked Radiators

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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This radiator can work with any car and engine. Please check fitment against dimensions pre-order.
The RyWire Custom Tucked Radiator has become a huge success in the import scene over the past couple years giving enthusiasts the option to now minimize how much space the radiator takes up in the engine bay. With less emphasis on the radiator, the bay has more free space and an overall more tucked look. The dimensions of these radiators are 24in. by 9in. or 24in. by 12in. (There is an added fee for 12in. model). These radiators are dual-core and dual pass, leading to 30-40% more efficiency over stock. -16 AN fittings can be used or hose ends, leaving you in control of the overall look at the end of the day. And even better, the kit includes both ends so you are always free to switch between the two. 
Mounting tabs that you can easily make fit with any application. 2 mounting locations to choose from. Tabs can also be flipped for even more mounting options. The Drain tab is also on top or bottom; Making this a FLIPPABLE design. You can even use the top drain for a custom filler.
The Fan mount is made for RyWire Dual 8-inch Derale fans which can be added to any order for $50ea.