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REVEL Touring Sports Damper - Honda/Acura Applications

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Tanabe USA is proud to introduce the new brand Revel to meet the ever-changing demands of the automotive market. Backed by over 30 years' experience with product development, the goal is to offer quality automotive parts focusing on manufacturing quality, long lasting performance while still maintaining proper aesthetics.

Revel has recently released the Touring Sports Damper system, which brings you superior suspension that perfectly balances performance characteristics and driving comfort to enhance your driving experience. 

The Touring Sport damper were designed to be an entry-level coilover line to compete with the likes of BC Racing and others, but still maintaining the quality and comfort you have come to expect from Tanabe. The versatile design allows for a great balance between a comfortable and sporty feel for your vehicle. They’re 32-way adjustable and use pillowball upper mounts which provide better feedback than OEM rubber mounts.


  • Fully Height Adjustable 
  • 32 way adjustable Monotube dampers
  • Pillowball upper mounts (on certain applications)
  • Teflow thrust washer (on MacPherson strut applications)
  • Full length threaded body with independent preload
  • Spring rates:
    92-95 Civic: FR-10K / RR-8K
    96-00 Civic: FR-10K / RR-8K
    01-05 Civic: FR-8K / RR-10K
    02-05 Civic Si: FR-8K / RR-10K
    06-11 Civic (all): FR-8K / RR-5.5K
    12-15 Civic (all): FR-6K / RR-8K
    16+ Civic LX/EX/Touring: FR-6K / RR-5K
    16+ Civic HB Sport: FR-6K / RR-5K
    90-93 Integra: FR-12K / RR-6K
    94-01 Integra: FR-10K / RR-8K
    02-06 RSX (all): FR-8K / RR-12K
    04-08 TSX: FR-12K / RR-8K
    09-13 Fit: FR-4.5K / RR-3.2K
    15-18 Fit: FR-6K / RR-3.2K
    00-09 S2000: FR-12K / RR-8K