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PurÖl Elite Series Synthetic Motor Oil

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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PurÖl Elite Series is a 100% Full-Synthetic Lubricant with “Next-Generation” additives specifically designed for those individuals who desire the very best for their engines. PurÖl exceeds the standards of API (*American Petroleum Institute), ACEA (*Association des Constructeurs Europeens d’ Automobiles) JASO (*Japanese Automotive Society of Engineers).
PurÖl’s proprietary blend includes a dramatically enhanced anti-wear package for those individuals who want the highest level of protection, for their engine. Also, important, for those seeking to maximize horsepower and torque, while reducing wear, heat and fuel consumption.

PurÖl Elite Series contains 1730ppm of zinc vs. 800-900ppm on some of the competitors brands out there. This offers significant protection advantages. In addition, PurÖl has superior base stocks originating from Group IV and Group V base stocks. A majority of the competition uses an older, inferior Group III Base stock. The proprietary additive package of PurÖl also provides amazing power, protection, cooling and economy advantages developed for their Aerospace clients.

Each Bottle contains one U.S. Quart of PurÖl Elite Series Oil

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