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Nardi Deep Corn Leather/Suede Steering Wheels - Various Sizes/Spoke Colors

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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The secret of Nardi steering wheels: A perfect mix of technology and quality. Their creation is a vocation, born by Enrico Nardi's personality. He wanted his cars to have a perfect technique but also a beautiful look. To him, the steering wheel was a part of the car where the ability of a driver is most on display.The wheel is linked to the hands, the arms, the heart, and the brain, thus requiring the wheel to provide comfort for the entire body.Whether it be supporting the hands to leave the driver in total control of their machine or to  put the mind at ease before entering a corner, Nardi wheels are crafted with the driver in mind. 

The Deep Corn is becoming a modern day Nardi classic, with many drivers loving how the spokes sit far inward, away from the wheel itself. This spaces the wheel 80mm from the hub, putting it closer to the driver to provide better driving position while also moving the center of the wheel out of the drivers way.

Nardi wheels fit Nardi, Personal, or 12 multi pattern hubs. 

Prices vary with each size and finish. Please check the final price before checking out.