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KS Tuned


KS Tuned Rear Trailing Arm Kit

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Kaizenspeed is proud to announce the release of their newest product for Honda drag racers: The Rear Trailing Arms with Staging Brakes kit. This kit serves to reduce weight in the most important area of a race car while maintaining the use of your OEM shock and lower control arm.
 It features an adjustable wheelbase with a design optimized for lowered cars. This is the necessary next step for FWD Honda Drag Racers. It completely replaces the entire rear trailing arm assembly for 94-00 Integra, and 88-00 Civic/CRX and allows for an extended wheelbase up to two inches while reducing weight by over 50 pounds!

Product Features:

  •  50 lbs lighter than stock
  •  Extends the wheelbase up to 2” (adjustable)
  •  Maintains the use of OEM shock and lower control arm.
  •  Toe adjustment and camber adjustment built-in
  •  Lightweight steel rotors less than .200” thick
  •  Rear speed sensor enabled
  •  Available in 5 lug
  •  Made entirely from Chromoly and aluminum for the best strength/weight ratio

Each kit includes: A set of rear trailing arms with lightweight spindle, lightweight brake rotors, brake calipers, brake pads, stainless brake lines, toe adjuster, camber adjuster, and all necessary hardware! Ready to bolt on.


-Rear wheel speed sensor bracket for use with ABS Sensor

-Rear wheel speed sensor bracket for use with Hall-effect sensor

-Dummy Toe Brackets (for classes requiring the use of all suspension mounting points)

If you need any of the above options, contact us for pricing.