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K-Tuned Pre Fit Heater Core Hoses - K-Swap Applications (EG/EK/DC)

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Applications: EG, DC, EK (w/EKK2 mounts only)
If you plan to keep your heater core, these 4-ply silicone hoses are exactly what you need.  Instead of messing around with the oem black hoses, splicing them and trying to make them fit, K-Tuned has designed a set that is very easy to install.  One end is made to fit the smaller heater core side and the other end is made slightly larger to fit the K-series engine side. The hoses are made with a thick high temp rated silicone for excellent reliability.   If you want to keep the heater control valve installed, simply splice it in location on the hose leading to the cylinder head and you’re done.
Sold in pairs and made slightly long, they can be trimmed for a perfect fit. You can purchase the hoses alone or with a set of optional worm gear clamps.

NOTE: These only fit with K20A/A2/A3 and Z1 engines and cylinder heads. Not compatible with K20Z3 and K24A cylinder heads.