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K-Tuned All-In-One Adjustable VSS Converter

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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The K-Tuned All-In-One Adjustable VSS Converter was designed to merge all of their original VSS units into one simple and easy to use programmable speed correction unit. By connecting the unit via USB to any Windows based computer or laptop and using a very simple downloaded computer application you can select from the following 3 settings to accurately adjust and calibrate your speed signal:

1) RSX setting - Converts 05+ VSS signal to 02-04 specs.
2) S2K setting - Corrects speed only for S2K cluster swaps.
NOTE: The RSX and S2K settings are preset for swap cars with 23” tall tire (size 205/50R15) and are still adjustable a further 25% +/- for very accurate speedo calibration.
3) General- No initial correction is made. You can enter any correction value desired up to 25% +/-
The K-Tuned AIO-VSS Converter is wired into the engine harness on the interior of the car near the ecu where it is safe from the outside elements. Wiring is also simple, with only 4 wires to connect: power, ground, speed signal input and speed signal output. The converter comes complete with a detachable plug in harness and a separate USB harness which allows the unit to be easily removed from the car and connected to a computer for programming. K-Tuned also includes detailed installation and programming instructions.