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J's Racing Type-V Hood - 04-08 TSX (CL7)

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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The J's Racing Type-V Hood is not only designed to help increase horsepower or reduce weight, but also to be cosmetically appealing. 

For the functional side of the hood, the V shaped ducts are designed to drastically improve heat dissipation from the engine bay. Tests have shown that the Type-V hood is proven to help lower water, oil, and air intake temperatures, which all lead to improved horsepower and engine efficiency. Not only that, the Type-V hood was made to be lightweight and provide a weight reduction over stock. This cut in weight will also help, as a lighter car is a faster car.

As for the cosmetics, the V shaped ducts are noticeable and sure to become a focal point of your Honda or Acura. The carbon fiber is attached by experienced craftsmen in Japan to ensure the product is high quality and visually beautiful. 

The options for J's Racing Type V Hoods are as follows:

Carbon/Carbon: The exterior portion of the hood is made of carbon fiber. The under hood skeleton is also constructed of carbon. This is the option for the enthusiast looking for the lightest and strongest hood.

Carbon/Fiberglass:The exterior portion of the hood is made of carbon fiber. The under hood skeleton is made of Fiberglass (FRP). This is the option for the enthusiast who still wants a lightweight hood but may not want a full carbon hood. 

Fiberglass/Fiberglass: The exterior and under hood skeletons are both made of Fiberglass (FRP). This option still remains light and aerodynamic, and may be the ideal option for those on a budget or for those who plan to paint the hood.