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Hybrid Racing


Hybrid Racing Short Shifter Assembly - B/D Series Applications

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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For over 30 years racers and enthusiasts have dealt with B&D-Series shifters with virtually no changes. Vague, sloppy and sometimes notchy gear changes are typically accepted as the norm. With over ten years worth of development experience gained from our K-Series shifters, we have raised the bar and redefined what is expected from a short shifter. We know that function is just as important as form and our new B/D-Series shifter leaves the competition in the dust.


  • Universal fitment for B & D-series equipped Honda/Acura vehicles
  • Smooth, precise and direct shifts!
  • Adjusts from inside of the car!
  • Anodized Billet Aluminum & Stainless Steel construction
  • Sealed ball bearings that reduce friction
  • Race tested for durability & reliability
  • 10-40% Adjustable throw
  • Available in dust black or red colors (gold is discontinued)

Dial it in.

With our two-piece rod and sleeve design, you can adjust the throw from the comfort of your seat; no need to get under your car to make adjustments. The adjustments don't stop there. Dial in your knob position by raising and lowering the knob height up to two inches and rotating the offset a full 360 degrees. All of these adjustments add up to a truly customizable short shifter solution all done from inside of the car.

Truly Short Shifts.

For over a year, we tested and examined the most popular B-Series shifters and realized that when placed at the optimal shift height the throw is over 90% longer than a stock OEM GS-R shifter, effectively becoming LONG shifters. We engineered a solution that does not compromise a shorter shift for optimal knob position. With our shifter set to its shortest throw setting, we achieved a throw that is 40% shorter than an OEM dual-bend shifter.

Rigid Base.

One of the most radical features of our shifter is the top mount rigid base. The rigid base is machined from 6061 aluminum and houses a spherical bearing which allows for smooth operation and eliminates all of the OEM plastic bushings. This design enabled us to raise the pivot point allowing us to achieve truly short shifts at higher knob positions. The added stability of the rigid base keeps shifts tight and direct while racing.

Unmatched Quality.

We believe no other B/D series shifter available has this level of attention to detail forged into the design. From our proprietary sandblasting surface finishing to our three-stage anodizing process this part looks just as good as it works. Each shifter kit includes all of the necessary hardware and inserts which means less time searching and more time driving.

Gear changes are an essential part of any car. It is one of the most important links between the driver and the machine. Vague shifters numb your driving senses and don’t inspire confidence. With all of our experience in racing, product design, and manufacturing our B/D-Series shifter is unrivaled in its appearance and function. Racers and enthusiasts all over the world will never look at short shifters the same. The wait is over.