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Hybrid Racing


Hybrid Racing Short Shifter Assembly - 02-05 Civic Si (EP3)

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Vehicle Application: 02-05 Civic Si (EP3)

Hybrid Racing launched their V2 8th Gen shifter to great reviews, and during that period they were messaged by a few individuals from the EP3 community to develop a shifter for the 02-05 Civic Si Chassis. After a huge turnout on the EP3 Buy Sell group on Facebook they decided to move forward with the project.

The shifter will be a direct bolt-in replacement of your OEM shifter and will be compatible with your OEM EP3 Civic Si cables, or Hybrid Racing's performance EP3 shifter cables which are already available on the market.

The shifter in the images above is the current design and is almost ready to move to the prototype phase. Once Hybrid Racing pre-sells 20 units, they will start the prototype production. They expect design prototyping and testing to last the remainder of 2016 and production to start in January of 2017 with an in stock date of March 2017. Hybrid Racing asks that you share this product page on forums, facebook and with as many EP3 owners as you can to help them reach the first 20 unit milestone. Hybrid Racing will be in constant communication with the community on updates to the timeline as well as any new features that are incorporated into the shifter.

This shifter will have a limited run of 100 units, and the pre-order price is $399.99 with free shipping. 

Hybrid Racing intends for this to be the best EP3 shifter in the world and will be incorporating all of the features and experiences gained over the past decade from their RSX, K-Swap, and 8th gen shifters. The shifter will have an unparalleled level of adjustability so that each driver can tweak every aspect of the shifter to suit your needs. Ultimately, what Hybrid Racing develops will be a durable and versatile short shifter that is simple to install and takes your shifting to the next level.

The shifter's frame will be constructed from TIG welded, powder coated, 1000 Series steel. The upper, lower and side rocker assemblies will be made from a single piece of 6061 aluminum, and feature custom sealed ball bearings to reduce friction and require less physical effort to row through gears.

Shift throw adjustment is achieved using two threaded cable attachment pins allowing you to dial in the exact throw that suits your shifting style. Each attachment pin features a wear-resistant Delrin pivot cap for sturdy, quiet operation. The shifter will also use zinc-plated extension springs replacing the OEM style torsion centering spring for better-centering action and a more direct feel. The front/back throw and left/right throw can be adjusted independently. At the highest setting, you can expect a 20% reduction in throw and at the lowest setting up to a 50% reduction in throw.

You will also be able to set the height and orientation of the shifter rod. Our simple single-bolt height adjustment design (borrowed from the new 8th civic shifters) allows the knob to be adjusted higher or lower than stock (within a 1" range) with only a 5mm allen wrench. Now you can tweak the shifter's throw AND knob position independently until the shifter functions to your exact needs.