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Hybrid Racing


Hybrid Racing RSX Short Shifter Assembly

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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The performance of a shifter is everything. It can mean the difference between winning a race and missing a shift, and a high quality shifter can make your car shift like a new, high-performance machine. Hybrid Racing takes their shifters seriously. They started the design process by incorporating the features that have made their other k-series shifters popular...adjustable height, adjustable shift knob position, and independently adjustable throw and gate spacing. They were the first to deliver features like this when they released their k-swap shifter over 5 years ago, and they have been refining their designs ever since. Their RSX shifter's performance is the best testament to this constant refinement.

Hybrid Racing wanted to develop a shifter that felt great even after years of use and abuse. With that in mind, they incorporated a proprietary wear-compensating pivot ball design. They also used teflon-lined end links and spherical bearings to provide silky smooth short shifts and plenty of durability. To ensure everything worked as intended, they built a custom machine that cycled the shifter through all of the gears over 1.5 million times. To make sure they were leading the pack, they even put competing shifters on the same rig. No competing shifter lasted more than 10% as long as Hybrids without seeing severe, performance hindering wear.

When it comes to adjustability, this RSX shifter truly shines. Adjustments are a breeze and can give you many different options in terms of shift feel. With just the turn of a single 5mm allen wrench, you can adjust your shift knob to be 2" taller or 1" lower than stock. With the same allen wrench, you can adjust the knob position, bringing it closer to or further from the steering wheel, meaning you can shift quickly and keep your hands on the wheel. Want your shifts a little shorter? This shifter can reduce throw anywhere from 10% to 50% (below stock throw) by just loosening the cable retaining bolt with a 10mm wrench and repositioning it. Gate spacing (left-right shifter motion) is also adjustable. This means that if you like short throws and wide gates, long throws and narrow gates, or any other combination, you can custom tailor it to your preference. The custom bell-crank style rocker design allows a larger adjustment range than competing shifters without putting your cables at risk of extreme angles, which is why many short throw adapters damage OEM cables.