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Hybrid Racing


Hybrid Racing Power Steering Conversion Kits - K-Swapped EG/EK/DC

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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This kit features the Hybrid Racing power steering fitting as well as OEM style lines, cooler, and reservoir. It contains everything you need to hook the power steering pump on your K series motor up to the power steering rack on your chassis. 

What's included:

The kit includes the Hybrid Racing Power Steering fitting that's designed for better hood clearance on K Swapped applications.

These parts are also included in each kit:
- Fittings and lines needed to connect the high pressure side of the power steering pump to the input on the steering rack
- A power steering fluid cooler
- A power steering fluid reservoir and mounting bracket
- All lines and fittings needed to connect the steering rack to the reservoir, the reservoir to the cooler, and the cooler to the lower pressure side of the power steering pump.

Is any cutting or major modification needed to install this kit?

As long as you already have a power steering rack in your chassis and a power steering pump on your engine, all you will need to do is connect all of the supplied lines to your rack and pump and bolt on the brackets for the reservoir and power steering fluid cooler. Depending on your particular swap setup, a custom bracket may be needed to mount the cooler.