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Hardrace Rear Camber Kit - 2016+ Civic (FK7/FC1/FC3) / 2017+ Civic Type R (FK8) / 17+ CR-V

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Vehicle Fitment: 2016+ Civic (FK7/FC1/FC3), 2017+ Civic Type-R (FK8), 2017+ CRV

What is camber?

Camber is the inward or outward tilt of the wheels when viewed from the front of the vehicle. The amount of tilt is measured in degrees from the vertical and is called the camber angle.

If the wheel tilts out at the top, the camber is positive and if the wheel tilts in at the top is is negative.

How can camber arms help?

Camber alters the handling qualities of a particular suspension design. Negative camber usually improves grip when cornering. This is because it places the tire at a better angle to the road, transmitting the forces through the vertical plane of the tire rather than through shear force across it. When lowering a car, untreated increased natural negative camber can cause increased tyre wear and loss of grip. Hardrace adjustable camber kits target camber resolution, allowing you to set the camber correctly, accurately and easily.

In the first part of the picture you can see the top of the tyre directing outward causing positive camber. The second part shows the tyre pointing in towards the car demonstrating negative camber.

About Hardrace camber arms:

Quick and Simple adjustability allowing precise alignments with ease.

Hardrace Pillowball Bearings:

Hardrace Pillowball camber arms are for drivers who are wanting to get the most out of their suspension setup. Pillow ball bushings provide excellent driver feedback, precise control and solid suspension feel.

Hardrace Pillowball bushings feature:

  • Highly Durable bearings, combined with High Molecule Plastic and Metal Alloys.

  • TPV Rubber Dust Boots providing 100% Resistance from Dust, Water & Oil. Increasing bushing life.

  • Secured bearing ensuring no unwanted suspension play.