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Golden Eagle Head Gaskets - F-Series

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Golden Eagle Head Gaskets utilize OEM factory gaskets to provide optimal performance. The difference is, Golden Eagle machines these OEM gaskets to fit a wider range of bore sizes. From 86 to 91mm, Golden Eagle is sure to have a gasket that will fit your F-Series application. The dowel holes are opened on these gaskets to ensure they accept ANY head/block combo.These gaskets have been featured on winning race cards all over the world, in all different fields of racing. From circuit to drag, these Golden Eagle gaskets are built to last each and every application. 

Please note: 86/86.5mm gaskets are only availble for F22A1. 89.5mm gaskets are only available for F20C. 87mm is the ONLY size available for F23A.

Prices vary for each model. Please make sure to check the change in price before purchasing.