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Golden Eagle


Golden Eagle Head Gaskets - B-Series

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Golden Eagle Head Gaskets utilize OEM factory gaskets to provide optimal performance. The difference is, Golden Eagle machines these OEM gaskets to fit a wider range of bore sizes. From 81 to 87mm, Golden Eagle is sure to have a gasket that will fit your B-Series application. The dowel holes are opened on these gaskets to ensure they accept ANY head/block combo.These gaskets have been featured on winning race cards all over the world, in all different fields of racing. From circuit to drag, these Golden Eagle gaskets are built to last each and every application. 

The Advanced Sealgasket is made in Japan and has been engineered to provide the best seal for even the most extreme boost applications. Featuring individual die-cut layers of stainless steel, these gaskets are manufactured with a + or - tolerance of 0.001 Thousands of an inch. Die-cutting provides a much better consistency then laser cut or machine cut gaskets. The Advanced Seal Head Gaskets are made from pre-coated stainless steel with a 0.25 micron layer of Nitrile rubber to insure excellent seal properties of the cylinder head surface. This ensures the cylinder area sealing fold layer provides quick and efficient crush under high boost loads.