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Competition Clutch Stage 6 Single/Twin Disc Clutch Kits

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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The super single was developed for cars not quite ready for a twin but needing something more than the conventional Stage 4. The super single mirrors a twin disc in the fact that they both are a 7.25" set up and have a 4140 forged steel flywheel. Unlike the twin, the super single only uses one disc and tips the scales around 17 to 20 lbs depending on the application. 

The super single is a must-have piece for all-motor/nitrous cars running up to 350whp. Currently available for select applications. 

The CCI twin disc, on the other hand, provides the most economical racing clutch for the active sport compact enthusiast. This ceramic twin disc comes with a 4140 forged steel flywheel and a 6061 T6aluminum cover complimented with a 6150 steel diaphragm. These units are rated to hold 500 to 1200hp (depending on application).