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Chasing Js


Chasing Js "Drip" Titanium Weighted Shift Knob

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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The shift knob is the focal point of your interior. The correct one can really make that interior stand out from the rest. And nothing shows quality and craftsmanship like a Chasing JS polish titanium shift knob. Carefully designed so you have a full amount of thread for any shifter. Balanced weight design so you have full balance on the knob while shifting and not just top-heavy. Tear shape design to give your hand that perfect shifting position.


  • Made from super alloy Titanium
  • CNC and CAD designed
  • 65MM height with a 44.25mm wide diameter
  • Weighs 220 grams
  • Thread sunk design, which means the knob thread doesn't start at the base but actually half way into the body. This gives the shifting experience and knob a very solid feel.
  • The top part of the knob is designed with a radius that your hand naturally rests to, giving it the perfect ergonomic balance.
  • Weighted in at 347 grams. This will give you that extra advantage in throw and will improve shifting feel and response
  • Raw or titanium gradient finishes available

Available Thread Sizes

  • M10x1.5 (Honda) - will NOT work with reverse lockout
  • M10x1.25 (Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi) - will NOT work with reverse lockout
  • M12x1.25 (Subaru, FRS, etc) - will NOT work with reverse lockout
***Please note that titanium and it’s color is a form of raw metal we advise that you do not used any cleaner with hydrochloric acid to clean your titanium as it will remove its’ color.