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Bride Maxis III Low Max Full Bucket Seat

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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The Bride Maxis III is an FIA APPROVED full bucket racing seat used in top tier elite racing series worldwide. The Maxis III uses Bride's famous Low Max seating position system and is fully reinforced with a rugged head guard. In all black fabric, pick between FRP or CFRP construction. Full CFRP construction offers the highest seat strength and durability for the Maxis III line. MAXIS III is the new generation of competitive circuit racing seat from Bride. FIA Approved, this seat features a fully reinforced frame, and an extremely rugged head guard to protect the driver in the event of a side impact.This seat, while larger in size, is still extremely lightweight.This seat features a high amount of support foam to cushion the driver. Low Max seating position system allows the driver to sit farther in and lower in the seat, for unmatched levels of holding ability.

Flame Retardant Fabric
Standard Acquisition FIA
Made in Japan
Weight (FRP):7.8kg
(Carbon aramid):7.3kg

Note: Price is for one seat