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APR Performance


APR Performance Carbon Fiber Brake Rotor Backing Plate with Hose - 00-09 Honda S2000

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Vehicle Application: 00-09 Honda S2000 

The APR Brake Rotor Backing Plate are aerodynamically-optimized to "funnel in" massive amounts of air. Also known as the venturi effect, when the vehicle speed increases, this funneled-in air increases in both pressure and velocity as it passes from the larger frontal area into the smaller pipe section of the brake rotor backing plate. When matched with appropriate high-temperature air duct hoses (included), the APR Brake Cooling Rotor Backing Plate will help to channel in large volumes of fresh air to help cool down red-hot brake rotors lap after lap on the track.

Excessive heat can cause major and expensive damage to critical components in a car. Engine bays, radiators, brakes, transmissions, and differentials all need good air flow to help transfer away unwanted heat. APR Brake Rotor Backing Plates help bring fresh cooling air to different areas that need additional cooling. Built using pre-preg. carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite materials for superior strength-to-weight ratio, APR Air Ducts add both function and "lightness" where it counts. Features: - Carbon Fiber Construction - This component is formed in the autoclave at high temperatures using pre-pregnated carbon fiber manufacturing processes, for high strength and low weight. - UV Resistant Coating - Included: CF Rotor Backing Plates, Hoses