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AeroCatch Hood Pins - Flush or Flush Plus

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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AeroCatch Hood Pins are aerodynamic, low profile bonnet pins and panel fasteners setting new standards in the 21st century. Providing a wide variety of fixing solutions for Motorsport and other specialized applications, AeroCatch bonnet pins are proudly manufactured in England and distributed worldwide.
These 21st Century panel fasteners are designed for hood, trunk, tailgates. Their versatile design means they can be mounted from above & below the panel, mounted from the side and even mounted at an angle. 
AeroCatch are tested in an UK independent testing house to ensure the maximum safety levels are achieved. The high strength plastic material can be painted allowing full customization and optional discretion, making them suitable for Street, Race and Rally. 
Both these series are available in the standard 'Black' finish but also in the 'Carbon Look' finish for those who wish to add a touch more class to their fastener!
When purchasing, note that Flush pins mount underneath the hood, while Flush Plus mounts on top of the hood. Locking options are also available with both models to enhance the security these hood pins provide.