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AEM AQ-1 Data Logger

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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AEM’s AQ-1 Data Logger is easy to use, feature packed, and less than half the cost of most competitive data loggers. With logging rates of up to 1000HZ (1000 samples/second) per channel, the AQ-1 is one of the fastest data loggers on the market, and it comes with 2GB of logging memory standard. It features an internal 3-axis accelerometer, a removable SD card for virtually unlimited logging (up to 32GB capable), and includes an available RS-232 serial input for adding an NMEA GPS device.

The AQ-1 Data Logger is the ideal entry level data logger for virtually all forms of racing and Motorsports because it installs easily, can read live parameters from ancillary sensors, AEMnet enabled devices, GPS and more, and put them into a single log make your data easy to view. Whether you race a late model EFI-equipped OR carbureted vehicle, the AQ-1 is the ideal solution for your data acquisition needs.

The AQ-1 Data Logger is the ideal logger upgrade for current AEM Series-1, Series-2 and EMS-4 users. The AQ-1 can receive data from the Series-1 ECU via the RS232 serial data stream, and from the Series-2 and EMS-4 via the AEMnet CAN output. This allows users to expand their logging to 2GB, while enjoying lightning fast downloads and all the features available in AEMdata, including video overlays!