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Nemo's Garage Team

Nemo's Garage Time Attack '93 Civic

1993 Civic cx (EG). Owned by Angel "Nemo" Torres, one of Nemo's Garage owners. Our civic started it's k-series life as a street/show car. After a year of collecting awards it was time to prove its worth on track. We compete in numerous time attack competition series including Vtec Club and Redline Time Attack. Hytech Exhaust built K20 motor, MercRacing TVS 1900 air-to-air cooled Supercharger, Eibach R2 coilovers, Wilwood DynaPro 11in front and rear brake kits, K-Tuned engine and shifting accessories, Purol lubricants, and tuned by none other than Bisi of Bisimoto. Littered with high quality American and Japanese parts. Full TIG half cage by Art at Nitradyne. Custom RSX dash swap wrapped in authentic Bride material. This civic has been featured in SuperStreet Magazine, Speed Hunters, DrivingLine Magazine and others. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more photos, details and updates. IG: @nemosgarage/@thatog_nemo and Photos courtesy of @stickydiljoe
Nemo's Garage Time Attack DC5

Our most recent project, owned by Nemo's Garage other owner, Joseph LaFlare (known as Joe to our customers). This DC5 has been through a few different versions but the most recent one is rocking a FEEL'S Honda Twin Cam front bumper and fenders, Mugen side skirts, Spoon Sports carbon diffuser, Voltex wing, First Molding carbon vented hood, Volk CE28SL's, Alcon brake kit, Craftsquare mirrors, full respray in House of Kolors Jet Black, and much more. A trans rebuild featuring a Spoon Sports final drive, as well as an OS Giken super lock diff and twin disc clutch help put the power down while an ARC Induction box, Feels headers, and Amuse Titanium exhaust help generate it. It's had a ton of engine bay and interior work done also. It will be hitting the track soon and will have a few more major changes coming over the next few months. Follow updates at @nemosgarage and @charged_

Nemo's Garage EM1
The idea with this car was to have the absolute most bare engine bay possible. And the rest of the car matches. We went as far as to convert it to a Drive-by-wire throttle body so the firewall is completely bare. One of the more noticeable exterior changes is the shaved gas door. The rear seats have been deleted and replaced with a custom smooth floor. Full interior is wrapped in alcantara and radio is replaced by an iPad. Black chrome is used extensively from the CE28's to the engine mounts and interior harness bar. J Blood bumper, K20a engine and trans, All In Fabrication manifold, Hytech header, custom LMR titanium exhaust and much more. Paint is Monte Carlo Blue, dont by Jorgie Built in Montclair, CA (@jorgiebuilt). More details can be found on and in our feature.
Nemo's Garage Time Attack FA5
K20z3 built by Ken's Race Engines (@kensraceengines), Supertech internals, trans build by Ghostwerks (@ghostwerks), FD2 Type R front and rear conversion, FEEL'S Honda Twin Cam aero, Voltex wing, full TIG'd cage by LMR, wire harness by Richewerks (@richewerks), full interior/engine bay/exterior paint by Premier Autobody in Monterey Park, CA, Volk ZE40 wheels, custom FD1 to FA5 Project MU brake kit, misc work by Loi Spec Garage (@loispecgarage) and much more.
Jose's Time Attack Integra 99 RS
Jose has been through MANY honda projects including an NSX and too many ITR's to count, but this is the one he always comes back to. His RS is ludicrously fast, at all of Southern California's tracks and is currently working for low 1:50's at Buttonwillow (CW13 configuration). This is still very much a work in progress. Improvements are still coming every few months and the car continues to get faster. We're really excited to see what else Jose can accomplish with this one. Make sure to stay tuned for updates. B18C1 (built by Twostep Motorsports, Eagle rods, June Spec 3 Cams, Hasport Motor mounts, Hondata S300 V3 (tuned by KVtuned), AEM CD-7, Koyo Radiator, 98 Spec ITR trans (built by GhostWerks), 4.7 Final Drive, OS Giken LSD, ACT Clutch and Flywheel, JRZ RS Pro 2, PCI front upper control arms, Hardrace front lower control arms, Kingpin Machine Compliance Bearing, J’s Racing Extended ball joints, PCI Trailing arms bushings, Kiwi spherical rear camber kit, ASR rear LCAs, ASR 24mm rear swaybar, ASR Subframe Brace, Spoon TwinBlock calipers, Volk TE37, Voltex Type 1 GT Wing, Special Projects Front lip and splitter, Spoon mirrors, Sparco Circuit 2 front seats, Personal wheel, and Works Bell quick release, ASR 3” Hub spacer, full weld-in roll cage by KBros Fabrication. For updates head over to Jose's IG @type_r_jose
Jeremy's Prelude
ARC and Titanium EVERYTHING, Aeromagic front lip, Amuse ti plate stay, Azect eyelids and tail covers, Kaminari sides, Vision mirrors, a slew of rare JDM Prelude parts, completely resprayed Shoreline Blue inside and out by Jorgie Built (@jorgiebuilt), Recaro SR4 Wildcat’s, Keys Wheel with Works Bell hub and Rapfix release, 5-lug Advan RGII and TE37 wheels, Endless brakes and too much more to list. For more head over to Jeremy’s Instagram @n0rmal.
Rob's Spoon EG6
One of the cleanest Captiva Blue EG's you will ever see. Rob Spoon EG is rocking almost the entire Spoon Sports catalog, including some of the more rare pieces like his Spoon cluster, Spoon 1st Gen bucket seats, Spoon 1st Gen steering wheel, Spoon titanium shift knob, Spoon brakes and much more. Rob may or may not be working on another project right now =) Head over to his IG for updates @robseg6.
Jon's S2000
Jon's S2000 is a work in progress. He recently parted out his EG, one of my personal favorite EG's to date (scroll all the way down to see what it looked like) and this is his new project. It is already off to a great start, you can check out updates on his IG @teddyjon. AP1 S2000, Voltex front bumper, Voltex side skirts, Voltex 1600mm wing, Forbidden Mugen carbon hardtop, Volk ZE40's, MRacing type 4 mirrors with custom mounts, Recaro SPG's with Takata harness, Spoon Sports roll bar, J's Racing strut bar with torque damper, Rywire radiator.
Jesse's Spoon CRX
Jesse Temores's Spoon CRX is INSANE. It's probably the most complete Spoon builds ever to be done and beyond the Spoon parts the build is ridiculous. Spoon Sports EVERYTHING, Spoon Sports motor and transmission, custom paint and body work worth somewhere in the ballpark of 15k. The car really has to be seen to be appreciated. For more you can head to his IG @jessetemores, google his Speed Hunters feature or look for his video feature on the Hoonigans YouTube channel. Jesse also has a full Mugen CRX, and is working on another 2 CRX builds and an S2000 build. There will be a lot more exciting stuff coming from this guy and his sons, stay tuned.
Luis Jaimes's EG and EK builds
Luis's Mugen 92 EG SI is his OG build. This car has been around forever and has been through a few different looks. K20a, Hayward Performance ITB's, a slew of Hybrid Racing pieces, Rywire milspec engine harness, Spoon calipers, Mugen lip , Mugen side skirts, Mugen single tip exhaust, Hybrid Racing shifter box, AEM ECU, Spoon cluster.
Luis also has this Cwest 99 EK project. B16a2, Mugen header, Mugen air box, Mugen s1 bucket seats, Mugen formula cover, Mugen formula black knob, Mugen instrument cluster, Mugen twin loop cat-back, Mugen wing/J's Racing GT wing, Cwest side steps, Cwest front bumper, CTR rear lip, CTR grill, CTR headlights, CTR ecu. Luis also has another EG and is always getting wrapped up into projects. If you want to see more head over to his IG @luis_mugen_eh3. Now for his brothers CRX.
Jose Jaimes's CRX
Jose's CRX has been through a few different stages and is currently completely torn apart for a rebuild. In its last stage it rocked a K20a, Spoon Sports ITR trans, Hayward 52mm ITB's, Rywire milspec harness, JDM EF8 front end, J’s racing hood, Hybrid Racing shifter box, Hasport mounts, Cusco roll bar, Recaro SPG seats, Spoon calipers, Function7 LCA, ASR sway bars and brace. The next stage is in progress at Premier Autobody in Monterey Park, CA. You can follow his progress at his IG @ef8crx.
Adam's EK9
Adam's legit EK9 Civic Type R. Adam represents Nemo's Garage from Long Island on the East Coast. His EK9 was already VERY clean but he decided it needed more so he tore it apart for a full repaint. It's currently coming back together with almost a full Spoon Sports catalog added to it, and will be hitting east coast shows soon. We're working on getting this car out to the west coast for some events later this year. Follow updates on the build at Adam's IG @ek9adam. 
Nansi's RHD '99 Civic
Phoenix yellow 2000 Honda Civic hatch with a RHD conversion. Ganador mirrors, First Molding lip, Js Racing fenders, C West side skirts, C West rear bumper, 5-lug TE37SL, Spoon Sports Twin Block calipers, full 99/00 EK9 ctr interior including privacy glass, CDM seats, shaved engine bay and many Spoon Sports upgrades. K-series conversion in progress. To watch the build/k swap conversion you can follow Nansi at @rhd_ek_nansi. Photos courtesy of @mario_sickness
Jon's J's Racing themed Time Attack '92 Civic Cx - RIP, parted out late 2017
J's Racing front lip, J's Racing fenders, J's Racing canards, J's Racing 3D GT wing, Vision Technica DC mirrors, Lotus Elise rear under diffuser, Vision Technica Corsa kevlar bucket seat on PCI rails, Takata 6 point harness, Vision Technica steering wheel, Autopower 4-point roll bar, JDM B16 littered with J's Racing accessories, Volk Racing TE37SL 15x8 +25 wrapped in 225/45/15 Hankook RS3, Buddyclub Racing Spec coilovers, PCI spherical front camber kit, PCI spherical/solid bronze suspension, ASR rear subframe brace, Function 7 LCA. As Jon's skills grow on track, his car continues to evolve. You can check out updates to his project at @teddyjon. Photos courtesy of @naritadogfight