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Attack Motorsport Build: 2018 Civic Type R FK8

2018 Honda FK8 Civic Type R.

This is a collaboration between Art of Attack and Jose Mejia, better known as Type R Jose. We're mid-build right now, using a host of high quality parts provided by Japanese and American companies. Spoon Sports front bumper, Varis Japan hood, Koyorad radiator, Hondata fuel and engine management, Titan 7 wheels, turbo upgrades, just a taste of what's coming. Once we complete initial assembly of the project (late 2020) testing will begin. We intend for this to be the fastest Time Attack Civic Type R in the country by mid 2021.

To keep up on the most recent updates follow Jose on Instagram  at @type_r_jose, follow us on Instagram at @artofattack and Facebook facebook.com/artofattackraceparts and follow the builds hashtag #AttackFK8.