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Fastline Performance


Fastline Performance Extended Shifter - B/D-series Applications (EF/EG/EK/DA/DC)

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Vehicle Applications: 88-95 Civic (EF/EG) / 90-01 Integra (DA/DC) B & D-series, 96-00 Civic (EK) B & D-series

From the ergonomic design that just falls into your hand to the very first ultra-smooth shift, it is clear that this is not just another short shifter. In fact, this shifter was designed specifically to maintain the exact same ratio as a stock shifter Integra shifter, largely regarded as the perfect throw by many Honda performance enthusiast. Supplied with top-notch hardware to deliver the feel and reliability that racers will appreciate, the Fastline Shifter as stood the test of time, lap after lap. It also dresses up well, allowing you to install a wide range of knobs for a seamless look, and retain the stock shift boot if you wish. The Fastline Shifter certainly does not look stock, but works with the refinement and quality you expect from a genuine Honda part. Smooth, quiet, reliable.

Up to 2020, this shifter was sold in two bend profiles: one for 88-95 Civic / 90-01 Integra cars, and another special version for 96-00 Civic. The 96-00 Civic version featured a steeper bend to prevent contact with the dashboard. It was found that many users with non-EK Civics and Integras would option the 96-00 Civic version to enjoy the closer reach it provided, especially for smaller steering wheels. Noticing this trend, for 2020 the Fastline Shifter has expanded your ability to customize the driving experience by offering three different bend profiles for various Civic and Integra models.

  • 30° for the tallest knob height (blast from the past angle) 
  • 45° to split the difference offering great height but still offers clearance for the EK dash (most common)
  • 60° for the closest reach (also most common)
  • Knob sit taller than any other shifter available, right next to the steering wheel.
  • Counter weighted to make shift throws butter-smooth and accurate.
  • Delrin bushings provide non-compliance action with smoothness and no wearing parts.
  • Adjustable shift firmness, from light to rigid.
  • Maintains factory reliability and NVH characteristics.
  • Threads designed to allow more shift knobs to fit seamlessly.
  • Understated satin black Cerakote finish for durable, long-lasting appearance.
  • Made in the USA.

These bends are all done in a CNC press brake with proprietary tooling. Bends are 100% consistent and accurate within 1/2°. In all bend options, the s-bend places the shift knob in a full upright and ergonomic position, not cocked away from or toward the driver like stock and short "single bend" shifters.

Imagine how many hundreds of times you shift during a race. Now imagine saving valuable time with EVERY shift! The extreme height of the Fastline Shifter in all bend options places the shifter even with the steering wheel, providing the proper position for the driver to concentrate on driving the car, not reaching for the shifter. When you are better able to control the vehicle and shift more efficiently your track times improve. Shift time savings is an important difference setting the Fastline Shifter ahead of rivals, as demonstrated below:


Normally, adding height to the shifter would increase the throw, such as what shifter "extenders" do. Because of the highly extended output lever of the Fastline Shifter, a stock-like throw is maintained. The throw is designed to be similar to that of a standard Integra shifter, which many people find to function rather perfectly in their B-D Engine Hondas. The Fastline shifter takes that formula and expands on it by offering greater control and faster shifts.

Ever heard the phrase "smooth is fast?" The Fastline Shifter shifts very smoothly and accurately by virtue of two primary design features. Firstly, the large mass in the center of the shifter provides a counter-weight to the shfit action. It takes some effort to move the synchros and forks around in the transmission. Most drivers know a weighted shift knob helps make shifts smoother by offering some momentum through the gates. A "heavy" knob weighs about one pound. Coming in at just about 4 lbs between the base and the handle, the Fastline Shifter has this weight built in.

The second reason the Fastline Shifter is so smooth is because of CNC machined Delrin bushings at the shift rod mount position. Delrin resists abrasion and impacts, has high stiffness and tensile strength, high fatigue endurance, mechanical resilience, wear resistance, and is not affected by temperature or humidity.  Delrin bushings are also non-compliance for a solid, direct feel, and they have a self-lubricating property that will keep them operating smoothly with zero grease or silicone needed.

Durability and reliability are paramount to a racing part, so even the smallest detail is not ignored with the Fasltine Shifter's hardware. What could have been a simple pointed set-screw to secure the handle to the base has been upgraded to a special, serrated screw. The teeth in the Fastline screw bite into the shifter base for strong grab that will not complete loose even in aggressive driving.

These Delrin bushings do not develop play or fail over time like bearings can, and unlike bearings thet have excellent insulating characteristics, which help absorb road and engine vibrations. The Fastline Shifter will not rattle or cause rpm resonation like the "roller blade" bearings found in short shifters.

Great parts come from all over the globe. The Fasltine Shifter, is a real homegrown product, through and through. The shifter bases and handles are turned on a CNC lathe, and handles are bend in a CNC press brake in Forest Grove, Oregon. The Delrin bushings are machined in Roseville, California. Coating is done in Wilsonville, Oregon.