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July 24, 2018 7 min read

WekFest San Jose has been described as the Super Bowl of the import scene, and for good reason. You're sure to see nothing but the best builds out there every single year, and what makes the San Jose stop different from others, is the eclectic blend of cars that compose the meet. No matter if you're looking for lowriders, Euro builds, domestics, trucks, or imports, you are sure to find a nice mix of anything and everything that the world of car modification has to offer.

For us, this trip is about stretching our legs and making the 6 hour drive up north for a taste of something different. We always love vending this event as it gets us in touch with faces we deal with but don't see on a regular basis, as well as showcasing our current projects around cars we do not get to see on a daily basis. The whole bay area has a totally different vibe from the builds of SoCal, so it's a great source of inspiration to see the details our neighbors from the north utilize to create some solid projects.

This year, we "debuted" our RSX build with tons of new components throughout. Though this project has been an ongoing build for 10+ years, I was finally able to finish all my revisions and perfections to get it to a point where I am pretty close to how I always wanted it to sit. The biggest and most noteworthy additions would be the Feel's front bumper and Feel's front fenders which are rarely seen on the chassis. Other aero improvements came in the shape of a Voltex Type 2 wing and Spoon Sports rear diffuser, with new wheels being Volk Racing CE28SL's wrapped in Bridgestone RE-71R Rubber.

     The additions weren't solely aerodynamic, though, as performance improvements were also a major key to getting things optimal. All wiring was redone by our good friend Richewerks and the whole car was rewired from front to back. Shedding unnecessary weight and optimizing electronics enabled us to also utilize an AiM Sports Strada cluster on the car which should help provide amazing feedback on track or street. These upgrades went hand in hand with a full transmission rebuild that was supplied by James Ornelas, better known as Ghostwerks. James added SpeedFactory Detent springs and M-Tec shifter springs, while rebuilding 1st through 4th on the trans with brand new OEM gearing. The big additions came in the form of an OS Giken Super Lock LSD and Spoon Sports final drive, with an OS Giken TS series Twin Disc clutch to help with the delivery of the power.

     Suspension was also upgraded to fully rebuilt Aragosta Type S with a Swift spring upgrade to help balance everything out. Braking was optimized with a nice set of beefy Alcon 4-POT calipers and 2 piece rotors up front, with P.Mu Club Racer pads and StopTech rotors in the rear. Not to mention, Feels Honda Twin cam lines to supply the fluid. Small performance tweaks were also made with a brand new Feels Honda Twin Cam header paired to an Amuse R1 Titan exhaust system and a Spoon Sports baffled oil pan to help out with track duties.

     The last major revision came in the form of plumbing, and Rob Green of TracTuff was able to help us out by supplying his whole range of products. From water housings to water plates, Rob helped us re plumb the whole car and allowed us to upgrade our mechanical water pump to an electric setup. Using XRP HS-79 lines and fittings throughout, Rob plumbed the electronic water pump to work well with our Feels Honda Twin Cam radiator, plumbed our Setrab oil cooler setup, as well as fuel, brake booster, and more. Rob did an amazing job on the lines and his products quality should speak for themselves.
     This was likely the last major revision this car will see as there isn't too much more we can imagine doing to it. We were happy to come bring out out to showcase and winning Best Integra/RSX of the festival was well appreciated. A giant thanks to everyone above who helped out, as well as SHG garage for the rack and pinion rebuild, ABC Axle for the axle rebuild, Masaya Nishino for the suspension rebuild, and Rudee for painting the interior and full front end. 

Accompanying us up north was Chris Garay in his most recent Civic Sedan project. Never afraid of lowering a car to it's limits, Chris slammed this sedan on 17" rare Impul Silhouette wheels with OEM+ goods throughout like CTR headlights and lip, euro grill, EK4 side mirrors, and more. An interesting twist on a classic chassis.

We also took our shop Civic Type R up north for the event without too many major revisions. The latest change was in the form of Eibach's prototype spring kit for the FK8. Made to drop slightly lower than the previous kit, we are excited for this one to come to market as the car looked great on it!

One of the absolute best cars on the day was Phil Sison's Integra build from ATS Garage. The bay area native had a new concept on display that some may have totally glanced over but long time ATS Mastermind Fred Chapman has changed the game again. Using a coating popular in the gun world, Chapman applied Cerakote to most all of the engine bay components. The beautiful, satin like finish produced by the product is different to most standard powdercoats and allows the engine bay to truly set itself apart from all the rest. Fred and Phil walked away with best engine bay and best craftsmanship on the day and for good measure. Congrats guys!

Another solid ATS Garage project by ATS GJ, this Del Sol is one of the best out there. Retaining the simplicity of an old school Honda build, GJ's car is no frills and all classic. CE28s with Spoon calipers looming behind, a clean B-series tucked bay, and a relatively stock body, truly an awesome car throughout

Our boy Dustin McQueary recently finished up his B16 swap on his daily DB2 Integra. Dustin is always a stickler for the small details and the OEM+ style of old and it shows in how pristine of a product he can produce. While the DB looks great, we await the return of his legendary DA9 as it sounds like it's going to be one of the best DA builds to ever hit the streets.

Harvey Flores and Ray Moralez of Team Tronics came out to do the DC/DB platforms justice. Harvey's car has been a SoCal classic for many years, and Ray is following on the path to have one of those unforgettable builds as well. The paint work is always on point with these two, and the engine bays are always spot on. Both walked away with some hardware on the day, so congrats guys!

DSD Jimmy Nguyen's civic coupe is a Civic that is at the forefront of best EK chassis in California at the moment. It would be a crime not to mention it as such! His H2B engine bay is about as perfect as you can get, and Jimmy maximizes what you can do on the exterior of a coupe with CTR goods throughout and J's fenders/First molding lip to fill out the rest. Jimmy walked away with some heavy duty hardware was it was either amongst the Honda's of the festivals or Civic of the festival, which either way, is a solid accomplishment

The guys at RyWire brought out their two monumental SEMA builds from the past couple years. The Integra is personally owned by Ryan while the S2000 belongs to a customer, I believe. Ryan always redacts himself from competition at events like this or else the two would be in a toe to toe brawl for best of show. The S2000 ultimately did take the award, and with good reason. Two truly solid builds.

It's a shame more people don't show the Honda Accord any love because it really is a great platform for a solid build. The aftermarket parts are just few and far between for these chassis and it discourages people from embarking on the journey, but projects like this should provide some motivation to those who are contemplating attempting the journey. A fully tucked and painted bay house the massive J-Series motor that sits great on RPF1's.

Anthony of Milestone Collective brought his pristine DA up north for the trip. An OEM+ build to the fullest, Anthony's car looks solid on Mugen M7's. Another one of those chassis that just make you scratch your head and question why more people never put the chassis together as they look absolutely stunning with very little.

The shocker of the show was definitely this Peterbilt semi that had all sorts of beautiful paintwork done to it. I'd be interested to see what the bill on this project was as I am sure it is a guarantee it would make me shit my pants haha. The crazy part is it looks like it actually puts some form of lite duty work in with hauling. Overall shocking to just walk into the convention center and see this behemoth there unexpectedly haha.

This Spoon themed TSX was a sweet build. Spoon front bumper complimented by Rega's redone in SW388 fashion with small details like calipers and lug nuts also adding to the look.

Jose Del Villar's K-Swapped EF was also in attendance after a couple hours of driving from central Cali. Painted in a nice shade of House of Kolors candy red, solid build overall.


This Honda City Turbo II was one of the more interesting builds on the day as it was bagged on Watanabe RS-8 wheels. The City also had it's Motocompo positioned next to it which is a super interesting concept. The Motocompo was offered as a Honda Access add on to the car, and was required to be bought by the dealer for every Honda City they had. The Motocompo was not a popular add on and many of them were clearanced out for cheap, making it quite easy to find one of them. One of the more quirky and interesting marketing tactics attempted by Honda throughout their lifetime to say the least.


Clean S2000 rocking Spoon S-Tai front facia on Regamasters. Still the best bumper option for the chassis in this writers opinion.

I'll repeat that again, one of the best bumper options for the chassis, period. This bagged S2000 looked good on ZE40s with AP Racing brakes to boot.

The guys at Rays USA brought out a solid line up of cars. First one is a Varis equipped FRS on mag blue TE37 Saga's with a beautiful Datsun 510 restoration featuring an SR20 swap on TE37V's. 


It was a blast San Jose, and we thank you for having us! We look forward to this event yearly, and with that said, we will see you again in 2019!

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