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August 10, 2018 7 min read 4 Comments

Could this be called the inaugural year for Wekfest Los Angeles? Perhaps, though it isn't entirely true. It isn't the first gathering for the Wekfest series in Southern California, as it replaced the longtime Long Beach venue as the new gathering for automotive enthusiasts of Southern California to come out and showcase the finest builds in SoCal and surrounding areas. While we will always miss the beautiful venue that was the Queen Mary, with it's great views of the bay and the legendary luxury liner, the LA Convention Center was a welcomed replacement to the series. If you've ever exhibited your car at this event, you'll miss the legendary pictures it provides but also be thankful to not have a thick coat of dust on your ride after an hour in the venue. That alone made the switch to LA a welcome one.

With this being our "home turf" Wekfest event, we are always happy to bring our current projects out and have a presence as this is one of the shows that truly inspired us to take our builds to the next level and to help provide quality goods for those who share the same love for this hobby and reside relatively close to us. It will always have a soft spot for us as one of our favorite events on the yearly calendar, as it truly does bring out the best of the best in SoCal. While Eibach brings out all the Hondas you want to see, Wekfest LA Brings out an eclectic blend of everything you'd want to see. So without further ado, here are some of the builds that stood out to us from the event.


We were very happy to have Moses and his beautiful S2000 at our booth. We have helped Moses source some ASM goods that are featured on this car, and it was nice to see them all fully coated in paint and looking solid. ASM front and rear bumpers pair nicely with an OEM hard top and ASM bonnet making a subtly aggressive look. Also take note of the beatiful Stoptech trophy kit that sits behind a re-issued pair of Mugen MF10s. Keep an eye on this one as time goes by as it is a build that is truly on the rise.

Parked next to him at the booth was our personal DC5 project that we have been showcasing most all summer. We were ecstatic to finally get this cars overheating issues all worked out as it would have been a true bummer to have had to trailer it about 40 miles for an event. With all major issues out of the way, it's time for tuning and some seat time!

Awesome AE86 Corolla hatch featuring full Run Free aero and some aggressive Watanabe RS-8 Wheels. 

Always love seeing a nicely put together BMW 2002. You rarely see these things nowadays so you always have to appreciate a clean and well put together example. Looking timeless on a set of BBS RS wheels with a great color scheme.


Proper example of a beautifully restored S30Z by Daniel Song. Maybe thats why it took restomod of the festival honors, haha. Daniels Z is also gracing the pages of the current Super Street magazine, so pick that up if you want to see more of this car sitting proper on TE37V's.


The Evasive Motorsports Civic Type R made an appearance with little to no changes since the last time we saw it. The FK8 looks absolutely perfect on Advan GT's on meaty Maxxis RC-1's. The Craftsquare mirrors are also a beautiful touch that we can't wait to see start gracing more cars in the U.S.


The guys at Hasback and PitCrew Motorsports were positioned right behind us which meant Honda's were well represented in our respective corner haha. Son from Hasback brought out his always memorable EK which still has the same style and flare as it did years ago. Margarito also brought his candy red coupe out on some refinished Weds Sport TC-05's. And the S2000 on the edge was a nice cap to a nice line up with a Voltex bumper, Spoon fenders, Voltex wing, and more. 


Hector Lovario's clean S2000 made an appearance featuring most of the Voltex catalogue offered for the car. Spoon brakes sit nice behind the Evasive spec TE37's.


This EK and ITR were positioned with the Greddy booth and brought a nice blast from the past with some subtle styled Honda builds. The EK featured a very simple B-Series tucked bay which always acts as a solid time capsule to bring you back to the best era of Honda building. And the ITR was reminiscent of a car you'd fanboy over as a teenager with Spoon calipers, TE37s, and a JDM front end. Solid offerings from the guys at Trust/Greddy.

Starting to see more and more of these Honda Beats make their way stateside which is by no means a complaint. The Japanese kei car has been a favorite of most car enthusiasts since childhood as it was always this or the Suzuki Cappucino that were forced down your throat in the used car section of any Gran Turismo game. Hopefully that right there is inspiration for you to dig out your PS2 and throw GT4 in one time for a stroll down memory lane.


Virgil Abloh would be proud of this Off White themed E36 featuring a full Pandem widebody. If you don't understand why the words "fender" appear on the fenders or "side skirt" on the side skirt, take a minute to go to google and figure out the phenomena.

Absolutely amazing to see TE37's on a Corvette as it's just one of those cars with aggressive body lines that you always knew would do the wheels full justice. And even better, the fact that it's on a full Hoosier slick in the rear makes it more menacing. 

I'm not gonna act like I am an expert on Porsche's, especially Porsche 964s, but we can definitely appreciate a clean one. On a nice set of reverse mounted BBS E88 wheels, this thing looked killer.


This S14 from Central Cali was looking great with a full BN Sports kit and a fancy RB Motorswap.

The Chronicles booth featured this amazing 326 Power kitted S13. Love the white accenting pieces on the vents as they go so well with the paint color.

Dave Chik brought out his most recent project in his track EK project. Rocking an Exceed/Mode Parfume front lip and wing, the EK sat proper on Regamasters. Though it wasn't his DA, it was still a solid offering that we will willingly accept. 

The RyWire S2000 came out for the Los Angeles show after walking away with best of show honors when we last saw it in San Jose. Decorated beautifully with XRP HS-79 Hoses throughout the plumbing system and a dual fuel rail ITB setup, this thing is a beast!

It wouldn't be a Wekfest event without a healthy dose of RWB Porsche's gracing the convention hall.


This camo'd out Evo was positioned right next to the Wekfest USA booth rocking full Voltex aero on wide TE37SLs.



Our friend Chad Castelo made a rare public appearance with his beautiful Mugen NA1 NSX. One of the first ones to ever piece together the complete NSX kit by Mugen, Chad's NSX still stands above the rest as one of the best NA1's in recent memory.


Hot on his trail is Hanzel from Northern California with his NSX also coated in tons of Mugen goods. Don't be surprised if you see dawning the full kit at some point in the future as there are already some pieces accumulated on the car. Definitely an NSX build to keep an eye out for.


Another car coated in tons of Mugen goods was Alex Alfaro's canadian spec 97R. Featuring the side skirts, Gen II wing, and Mugen front half lip, the car already looked great. Add in a set of Ganador mirrors, a Crowhouse rear bumper, and some +Sure Doble Siete S77 wheels that may or may not be the father of the Mugen M7 and you have yourselves a well rounded build. Congrats on taking some hardware on the day, Alex!

Some of the San Diegans made the drive up in their EK hatch projects with Tan Tran's midori K-Swapped hatch and Brando's H22 swapped, M&M equipped hatch.

Angel Pena's solid CL7 build. You just never see these cars put together nowadays and I constantly wonder why. This dual purpose build sees both track and show duties and why not? If it be enjoyed in both, why not take advantage of it? J's wing and bumper look great along the matte blue ZE40's.

S2000 dawning a full J's Racing GT Widebody Kit. The kit looks a lot more toned down in such a matte color which is actually a good thing. This kit is super aggressive and can sometimes be a bit too much with the wrong color.


Kelvin Ceron's FA5 turned FD2. Full FD2 conversion throughout with some Mugen GP wheels to boot.


Gabe's "Rival Machine" came out for the Wekfest event running a staggered Mugen MF10 / TE37 combination. Very simple exterior styling with a very minimal engine bay make for a solid build all around.


Sang Pham's S2000 is another solid example of a J's GT Widebody looking proper with the right color choice in a deep gunmetal hue. The turbo'd S2000 also sees dual use as it is constantly making the show car rounds with a track day scattered inbetween here and there. Always nice to see dual purpose builds that get used to their potential.


And thats about it. Thanks for checking our coverage out, and we hope to see you at the next event! Likely to be a meet at our shop on August 26th, please come by if you have the time or desire! 

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