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June 15, 2018 4 min read


We were happy to host our first of what we hope to be many Eibach Pre-Meets! With so many guests from out of state (Out of country, even!) coming to the annual Eibach Honda meet, we knew we had to put something together for those that couldn't get their fix with just one day worth of pure Honda content. We were able to round up 200+ of the best Honda's from California and around the country and we can't wait to make it happen again next year! Peep the photos below taken by the talented Angel Morales (@TurtleGarage) and keep your eyes peeled for the next Nemos Garage pop up meet!


The Nemo's Garage EG had by far the farthest commute to the meet at a whopping 0.1 miles from the back of the shop to the front. It was a grueling journey to drive it 5mph through the parking lot, but somehow, it arrived safe and sound

FF Goldy, now owned by close friend and employee of the shop John Cruz, also made an appearance. Dawning a new J's Racing hood, John's EG is a classic known all around the world for it's lengthy history as a track warrior. John still takes this thing on track whenever the opportunity presents itself, and is still enjoying the car in the same way that FF Squad would.

Angel Torres (one of our two Nemo's Garage owners) positioned in front of the shop in his NA1 NSX project. Rocking a staggered set of Volk Racing ZE40/TE37's, look out for an update on this one soon!

If photos could have added sound effects, you would hear the beautiful tone of Pat's one off full titanium Sheepey Built exhaust system. Pat is someone who truly loves building cars and knows that if you are trying to build the car of your dreams, no price can ever discourage you or set you back. This car is lowered using a Science of Speed lowering kit and has some new shoes coming in soon!

A pair of beautiful NA2 NSX's owned by Rick and Masaya respectively. Both featuring ProDrive wheels, which are a favorite in the NSX community. Both cars are loaded with detail and touches of Japanese styling throughout. Always a pleasure to see both these cars out as they sparingly see the sunlight.

Tommy La and his brother Keith made the drive up from San Diego, both sporting TE37s. We have followed Tommy for years and seen him progress as a builder to a point where his hatch is one of the current best EK's in California. Not to be out done, his brother Keith has K-Swapped plans for the white 4 door. Curious to see it all go down? Follow Tommy on Instagram or YouTube for updates!

Our boy Tomas came down from Seattle area and it's always a pleasure to see how dedicated he is to this hobby. This marks the second time Tomas has taken this car all the way down to SoCal just to showcase it and kick it with friends and we can't believe he is always down for it! His beautiful EG Si with JDM offerings from brands like Jun, Mugen, Spoon, and more shines amazingly in CR-V Green Tea Metallic.

Angel Pena's TSX is one of few putting it down for SoCal. His CL7 is coated with nothing but quality, and better yet, it sees regular track duty. Always nice to see dual purpose builds that can look good at an event or go fast on the track.

Always great to see Rob Perez and his Spoon themed EG. Literally every Spoon item you can think of that has been offered for the EG chassis, Rob has it. We can truly never get tired of seeing this one, and as always, thank you Rob for coming out and supporting!

Jose Mejia got his car ready for us specifically for Eibach. Normally a strictly track car, Jose wanted to bring the car out for Eibach and literally tried to change out tons of stuff before the event. Most notably, Jose got a cage welded in, painted the whole interior, and trimmed out all dead weight in the form of excess and unnecessary wiring. Was nice to see a car that you always see on track destroying shit just posted up next to show cars and street cruisers as it shows the diversity and appreciation we are grateful to have in our community.

The Jaimes brothers brought out both of their EK projects they have recently been working on. Both featuring their own unique style and flare, it's interesting to see them step away from their well known EG and CR-X Projects to put something totally different together

Isaac brought out his amazing Super Sonic Blue Pearl DC2 which never gets old. Always featuring some type of Regamaster colorway, this year he came down from Central Cali on Spoon Sw388's. 

Randall aka SinType is quite the hermit and it is always an event when you can somehow convince him to leave the house. His EK Coupe has been holding it down for quite some time with what is an often under appreciated chassis. Great to see him come up from San Diego with the Just4Ffun guys

A pair of Midori EK's from the San Diego posse. Top photo is Tan Tran's K-Swapped EK while the bottom photo is Juan Leon's more simple styled hatch dumped on GAB Sports. Two totally different styles yet both equally enjoyable.

Our buddy Panda out of Las Vegas brought out his immaculate EF build. Featuring tons of OEM Honda Access parts, It's rare to see a nicely done EF so it's very easy to appreciate them when you have the opportunity.


Love this EM1 on rare Rays Garcia Tune Speed Choppys. It's amazing that a circular piece of plastic can add so much to what is otherwise a very minimal, standard 5 spoke wheel

Cesar's track ready EK looking great on SW388's with twin Recaro Pole Positions in the cockpit.


Thats all for now! Check back in for future posts and coverage as we try to hit everything major in the state of California. And keep your eyes peeled for our next meet at the shop. Should be coming up soon :)

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