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May 13, 2019 10 min read

     As with every year, Eibach is the premier Honda/Acura gathering for enthusiasts all over the world. Ryan and Rodrez have worked for 15 years to provide the quintessential event for us to all showcase our projects, old or new, for everyone who is an enthusiast of the Honda make to take a look at. You can only imagine how stressful it is to put on an event like this, but the stress is worth the reward for it to have reached the level of success it has. We are grateful to have been attending as enthusiasts almost since inception, and as the shop for each year we have been open. So when we reached out to the guys last year to host a pre meet for the function, we were awestruck when they gave us the okay to make it the official pre-meet of the event.

     The pre-meet serves a great function as a way for those who may not have the time to come out to the actual event to at least get a glimpse of some of what will be showcased. And for those coming from out of state or far away, it makes the event last just a little bit longer as you really get to see and dissect everything you want without as much of a time constraint. We were proud to host it for a second year, and hopefully the trend continues as the extra hours here at the shop are all worth it to give an outlet to the enthusiasts who make this hobby exactly what it is.

     With that said, here is some coverage of the pre meet provided by Mario Aguila and some coverage of the meet itself provided by Angel Morales. There isn't a ton to go through as we find it hard to find the time to cover these events sometimes when we are vendoring or hosting, but enjoy our small coverage and we hope to see you again next year!


We have been happy to help Marc B. source some parts for his EK and it's always a welcome sight to see. Using the often not seen Greddy Gracer front lip for EK and rocking some TE37s, happy to see Marc show up before he ships out to Vegas in a few months.


Gabe's Rival Machine S2000 made an appearance featuring it's TE37 as opposed to some of the other wheel options Gabe has. Featuring a custom vented hood, Downforce fenders, and a Gears front lip. Always good to see Gabe's car as it has changed a lot throughout the years.


Definitely beginning to see a lot more FK8s becoming a staple of the Eibach meet and this year was no different. Loved this one featuring a Voltex wing and Volk CE28s.

Some guests from New York show up for the festivities in a Type R they rented for the weekend. One of the newer model years as obvious by the Sonic Grey Pearl paint job that just became an option recently. Great to see Willy and Mary make the trip out here from so far away, and we appreciate their support over the years!

Another car from out of state with this clean red EG hatch from Reno area I believe. Quite the drive, but not as bad as some of the other people out there, haha. Even then, it's a 15 minute drive for us so I don't blame anyone who would complain about anything farther than an hour.


Cellvin's DB8 is one of the best examples of the 4 door DC's out there. The Regamaster aficionado came out on (you guessed it) Regamasters with his immaculate time capsule of a DC Integra. 


The guys at Milestone collective always roll as a pack and are doing their job to single handedly keep the DA Integra alive and well. Always a solid showing from them and believe me when I say it, these guys are dedicated to the DA chassis and there is no argument that you could present to them to make them change their mind that the early 90s Integra was the best chassis Honda ever made.

Shawn's DA was one of the 2nd gen Integras on display with them and was looking great on Sprinthart CPRs and I believe a Wings West front lip. Pair it with some Recaro Speed Seats and some Vision mirrors and you have a well put together example of a DA integra.

Ollie's DB2 was also on display on his Racing Hart Type C Tracer wheels. The beauty is in the details on this car as it doesn't try to jump out in your face to showcase what it has, but is reminiscent of the golden era of Honda builds when your car didn't need to do that to stand out.

Another member of the Milestone collective who is an active DA enthusiast but also owns an NSX is Jay, and he brought his NA1 out for the evening. Looking great on a set of Mugen MF10s, I am not gonna lie, I would pick taking this one out over the DA as well haha.

Raul from Checkerd Sports old S2000 being enjoyed and cared for by new hands. On an aggressive set of CE28s with aero contributions from J's Racing front fenders and a Voltex street front bumper. 


As you can imagine, we didn't get much pre meet photos since it was a busy occasion and thats okay. Just throwing the event is a reward to us to see everyone enjoying it and helping whoever we can on that day. With that said, thank you for coming out and allowing us to have a successful pre meet for a second straight year. Looking forward to a third year only about 365 days from now!

The following day at the actual Eibach meet was also a bit hellish as I myself was personally unable to attend so photos are also a little sporadic but we did manage to get some stuff for you guys. Thank you for everyone who stopped by the booth and again to the guys at Eibach for having us! So without further ado...

Here is our booth set up and lineup for 2019. You'll notice some builds that look like they should absolutely be there and one that may make you scratch your head and say "Why the hell was that there?" but we will get to that, haha.

Moises allowed us to have his absolutely immaculate S2000 for the booth this year. You may remember we featured it at Wekfest Los Angeles last year, but he has changed so much since then and it has really revamped the whole look of the car. We got Moises some S2000 Spoon mirrors just weeks before the event, and as any S2000 enthusiast can tell you, these things are near impossible to source nowadays. Not only that, take note of his trunk and wing setup. If you don't actively follow the S2000 chassis, you may not know what you're looking at. But if you follow the S2000, yes, that is an ASM dry carbon trunk + wing setup and yes it does retail for over $10,000 dollars!

Vince aka Laguna brought out his recently refinished EK hatch for us, as well. Going from Laguna Seca Blue to Champ White, Vince's EK now dawns a more traditional color but we weren't complaining either way. Featuring an Air Walker front bumper and some MRacing Type 2 Mirrors, the rest of the exterior is relatively stock, and again, reminiscent of those Honda builds from 10-15 years ago. And we can't leave out the mountain dew colored Endless calipers that Vince had custom refinished.

Another EK we were happy to showcase was that of Tommy La from San Diego. Tommy is one of those enthusiasts that almost everyone knows, even if you're just a fringe Honda/Acura guy. His youtube videos have helped tons of people from all over have a great affinity for the Honda and Acura platforms, so we were happy to showcase his EK. On racing Green TE37s with his new BAR legal B16A swap as opposed to the old B18C, truly one of the best builds out there currently.


If you stopped by the booth, you'll have noticed there was one car that made you scratch your head and say "Now why the hell is a Toyota AE86 at a Honda only meet?" But if you looked deeper at John Cruz's recently acquired Corolla project, you'll have noticed it featured a F22 swap straight from an AP2. This is a really popular swap with the Corolla crowd and we knew from the moment John got this car that we wanted to display it for the pure shock value, as outside of being a well put together car, it's something you probably wouldn't see another one of at Eibach. 



We featured Jeremy Allgiers BB2 Prelude at the booth last year but definitely can't be mad that he upgraded and was featured at the Falken Tires booth, haha. Jeremy's ARCLude features an extensive collection of ARC parts, 99.9% of which are not made for the Prelude and were retrofit from other chassis to cohesively work well together. The last few pieces Jeremy has added was an ARC GT Wing and ARC Radiator, making you question, is there anything else ARC that Jeremy can add to this car?! We will find out soon, haha.

After winning best engine bay at Eibach last year, Tony from Slaughter boys decided his engine bay still wasn't good enough and did MORE to change it up. The most noticeable thing being what I believe are a set of Kinsler individual throttle bodies with extremely big runners to help Tony make the most NA power he can. Tony has had some bad luck with the motor in this car as I believe this is the 3rd rebuild of it in the past 2 years, but hopefully all issues have finally been sorted out!

The RyWire motorsports booth featured two of Ryan Novak's recent Honda builds which share a lot of similarities but were made for the overall purpose of being track warriors. The first of which is his recent EG project which featured a Rocket Bunny kit and some wide racing green TE37s. Not only that, this is one of few cars I have ever seen utilize a Toda individual throttlebody setup (and with the carbon intake box to boot). This is gonna be a crazy one to see on track later this year.

Novak's other project on display with the RyWire booth was his EK which made waves last year with its debut at HFF last year. Hyper green TE37s accompany the sand colored, M&M Honda kitted, 6th gen Civic to provide an amazingly mean look. Novak blew the motor on this one prematurely last year, but again, we look forward to it's return to track sometime soon!

Kenji at Greddy finally debuted his EF build that we have anxiously been awaiting for years. The EF has a great mix of old and new, with the old coming from a piece like the Mugen CF-48 wheels and the new coming from the custom water to air cooling setup. . A turbo kit such as the one the EF features was prominent during the street racing hay day, while hoses like the XRP HS-79 style are new technology and are slowly becoming the best option out there for those serious about their plumbing (or just overall looks and aesthetic).  This is by far one of the best examples of a EF chassis we have seen in awhile, so make sure to stop by the Greddy booth next time you see it out and pick it apart for yourself.

The FK8 made an appearance in dominant fashion this year with some staple shops bringing their personal FK8s out for the event. HKS has been at the forefront of product development for the CTR with their exhaust and turbo components consistently being featured on most all FK8 chassis. The guys at Hybrid Racing made the journey from Louisiana to Fontana, CA to showcase their personal FK8 that they have some real good stuff for coming up shortly. And the guys at King Motorsports from Wisconsin brought the Mugen FK8 out to showcase some of the new offerings they will have for the chassis coming soon. This platform is just going to continue to grow and is quickly becoming the Honda to modify for this generation.

Opposite of the Hybrid Racing FK8 was the masterfully done EK hatch of Kristian Wong. Recently k-swapped and perfected to be the ultimate track missle, Kristians EK has gone through many transitions throughout the years but this is definitely our favorite iteration of it. Look out for this one at VTEC Club events very soon.

The guys over at Go Tuning USA brought out some great projects they have had over the years. The Spoon Sports FD2 went back to Japan briefly, but is now back on US soil without very much having changed. Always a pleasure to see this car. Also featured at the Titan7 booth was their ASM S2000 CR that they put together a few years ago. Dawning a good chunk of the ASM catalogue for the AP chassis, can't believe this one doesn't get out to more events!

Check out this solid EG that we hadn't seen before. Showcasing a plethora of amazing aero choices from various Japanese brands such as Chargespeed fenders and side skirts,  a First Molding hood and front lip with a Sergeant front bumper to tie it all together. Finished off with a set of CE28s tucking some Spoon calipers underneath, definitely hoping to see more of this one out and about

Raul at Checkerd Sports convinced one of his buddies to bring their NA1 NSX's out. Rocking an Advance front lip and what look to be some Mugen style lens covers, NSX Type R styled rear spoiler, and TE37s, not a bad choice and definitely not a bad excuse to make a 10 hour or so drive, haha.

That about wraps up our coverage of the Eibach pre meet and meet itself and we enjoyed it once again this year. As always, thanks to Rodrez and Ryan for hosting the premier honda event year in and year out and to everyone who stopped by the booth to support or just to say whats up. We appreciate all of you, and we will see you again next year!

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