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Art of Attack x RS Future Porsche GT3 Build Journal

Most recent build updates are at the top. Scroll down to catch up on the story. Follow @artofattack for more.

03/21/23 // Phase 2 begins, FINAL BOSS CUP VIBES

Phase 2 of the Art of Attack X RS Future GT3 kicks off this week. After a year of planning and stacking parts we can't wait to show you our take on a GT3 Cup. Debut at our 2nd Annual Open House in April. Busy month ahead!

11/02/22 // One Shot: Cooled Collective Poster Shoot

Drew, owner of Cooled Collective stopped by last week to set up an amazing shot of our GT3 and NC1 NSX. The shot will be available in 3 different poster sizes. Keep an eye on Cooled Collective IG for details on availability. (Drews one finished shot)

08/24/22 // European car, Japanese style

We've been saving this super rare and hard to get set of ASM Yokohama x Recaro RS-G Ruby seats for almost a year waiting for the build to be worthy. We think it's finally there. These are some of the nicest buckets you can ever get your hands on. ASM's choice of materials gives an ultra premium feel, the details in finishes and design are absolutely at the top of any bucket seat we can think of. Japanese company ASM really goes over the top to provide a class-of-their-own experience in any product they make. Maybe we're big fans because we try to build with the same philosophy. Strive to be the best at what you do.

Once set up we immediately went to Willow Springs iconic Big Willow track to shake down the new RS Future aero, E-motion suspension and alignment settings. Amir Bentatou was able to put down a 1:26.64 in 90+ degree testing. The goal for Day 1 was a 1:27 on a street tire, success.

08/22/22 // E-motion Engineering has Entered the Chat

We're excited to announce that Joey Seely and the E-motion Engineering team have come on as a partner in our GT3 build. Owner Joey Seely is well known in the Porsche community for his suspension set up but Joey and the E-motion team recently proved that they can do more than just suspension set up by taking P1 in their class at 2022 Pike Peak Hill Climb in their GT3R TT. Having access to Joey's wealth of knowledge is going to be a game changer as our program. And the deeper we get into the build, the more we'll be happy to have his expertise to lean on.

To kick off this partnership E-motion has blessed us with their Stage 3 991 suspension package. This includes replacement spherical arms and bushings for 80% of our suspension, as well as custom spring rates that the E-motion team have spent years dialing in for an oem GT3. In a few months we'll complete their Stage 5 suspension package by installing the last few E-motion arms, giving us a full spherical suspension. But more on that when we get there.

A note on collaboration: If you haven't noticed, we're all about strategic collaboration. Whether it's bringing the right partner in on a build, partnering with like-minded groups to throw great events, running fun apparel collaborations with brands who also like to build fun apparel/accessory programs. Collaboration is basically team building outside of your organization and when you see the value in that, and you're willing to share the glory, you have potential to put something incredibly strong or unique together that wouldn't have been able to come together through just one of the collaborators. Cliff notes, we love working with fun people who are great at what they do. End rant. 

04/25/22 Debut of the RS Future Prototype GT3 Aero Package

Over the weekend RS Future debuted their OEM+ GT3 aero package on our collab GT3, at our Art of Attack x RS Future Open House. This is the first of many completely bolt-on aero packages that RS Future will be prototyping through 2022. This is exciting because it marks a new era for RSF, who in the past have only made custom one-off packages for race cars that needed to be installed by RSF (an obvious hurdle in wait time and price). The new line of bolt on packages will allow end users to purchase RSF aero from anywhere in the world and install themselves or by their local qualified race shop. More details in the coming months but for now enjoy these photos of the GT3 package from our Open House a couple days ago.

02/16/22 // And it Begins...

We've been having a great time driving the GT3 in almost stock form for months, but it's finally time to start Phase 1 of the build.
First things first, we need to get some safety equipment into the car. For this we reached out to our friends at BBI, Porsche OG's out of Huntington Beach, CA, for their no-cut roll bar. This roll bar allows you to keep the GT3 interior mostly untouched. Craftsmanship is beautiful. Too bad we have to cover these pretty welds up with paint.

The OEM seats in the GT3 are surprisingly comfortable for basically being a street legal race car, but now that we're building a proper track car we need something that's going to hold our driver in his seat better, and something that allows a proper 6pt harness. We turned to Recaro, one of our go-to seat manufacturers for a pair of their _____. We'll be installing them using some BBI sliding seat brackets.

Notice our OEM wing is missing. More on that in a few weeks...

Back from a 2-day powder coat job the roll bar is ready to drop in.

While we're working on interior we're also throwing in a KMP steering wheel and quick release.

And finally, to get a little more sound out of the car, a JCR rear section exhaust.

10/12/21 // Who let these JDM guys get their hands on a GT3??

We picked up our 991.1 GT3 a few months ago, but haven't had time to update on our Motorsport Journal, so let's get you guys up to speed.

We picked up our all stock 991.1 GT3 late summer 2020. Rear engine, naturally aspirated 3.8L flat-six that revs to 9,000 RPM, good for just under 500hp. It almost feels like an S2000 on steroids. We immediately threw some center lock Advan GT Premium's on it. In our opinion one of the best looks for the GT3. Our JDM roots are obviously showing through here, and we're all about it. Here are a few shots as it sits now. Still close to stock. We have some pretty heavy goals for the car in the future, but we have a handful of builds we need to finish before we can jump into it. For now we'll continue slowly modifying it and taking it to casual track days with the boys.

Recent ACS track day with our buddy Hoang and his GT3RS.


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