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Attack Apparel: The Next Episode, Cut & Sew

For anyone who wants to nerd out on the details of the Honor Your Craft sweat set, below is a quick break down of some of the features:

It took a little over 6mo for our design and production teams to perfect this sweat short and crew top sweat. The idea was "the perfect Spring Season fit". We don't half step.

Fabric: We chose a premium Los Angeles made brushless French Terry cotton over the fuzzy fleece you're probably used to. Unbrushed French Terry has exceptional moisture wicking properties and breaths well, allowing a garment to have some weight to it but still run cool. The weave pattern also looks clean, it matters haha

Cut/Fit (Dimensions): We wanted that classic "hugged" feel everyone loves from a good sweater, but we also needed the piece to run cool so it could be enjoyed all Spring/Summer. To achieve a cool, airy garment we went with a looser body, wider sleeves, loose waist band, that all flow air really well. But to keep the hugged feel we tightened up the collar and sleeve cuffs. This results in a mostly flowy garment that touches you only in the important areas that give you that secure, hugged feeling. It took several revisions of 5-10mm here and there, which doesn't sound like huge changes but make a night and day difference in feel when worn.

Color: We fuck with lowkey, everyday wear that doesn't scream look at me, so we gravitate to neutral colors. But neutral doesn't have to mean boring. The team agreed on running a tan, blue and black pretty quickly. After several rounds of sample dips at our dye house we landed on our Slate Blue (greyish blue), Scroll (ivory-like offwhite) and classic Black.
Details and Finish work: We finished off the pieces with contrasting embroidery. The Black and Slate Blue were finished off with an almost white satin thread. We went slightly off white to knock down contrast between the embroidery and the garment. The Scroll got a light silver satin to contrast.
Tags and Details: For our main tag we experimented with a thin, matte silicone that gives a soft premium feel. Black Art of Attack logo on a white tag. In our final version we added a silhouette of our GT3 EVO with a negative "Honor Your Craft" down the middle. We're not big fans of cars blasted across T's, but a small hidden detail on the back of our main tag felt like the perfect touch. We also added a hidden detail tag down the side of each garment on top of our Care and Size labels.



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