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Art of Attack X CSF Cooling M4 EVO Build Journal

Most recent build updates are at the top. Scroll down to catch up on the story. Follow @artofattack for more.

11/16/22 // GTA Finals

With SEMA only 1 week ago we weren't able to get any time in before GTA Finals, so we had to shake the car down at Finals. As expected when you're shaking a car down, we ran into a handful of bugs. Mostly related to unhappy OEM electronics. We ran a 1:49, 4 seconds shy of our goal, with NO testing. So we're pretty confident that with some proper months of development we will have a rocket on our hands. We need to focus on other projects for a few months, but we'll be back on this build soon pushing for that 1:45.

11/04/22 // We made it, SEMA '22

It was a hard 2 weeks, the whole team was working up until the morning that we drove the car out to Las Vegas for SEMA, but we made it. Our friends at SpeedHunters were in town for the show so they morning of roll in they met us outside Vegas to capture the first shots of the completed car. Enjoy below.

10/26/22 // GTA Build Update

We also got some cool news this week. Our title sponsor CSF Cooling wants to have our car at their SEMA booth this year. This also bumps our deadline up 2 weeks. Team no sleep. With 2 weeks left to go this might be the last update you guys get before SEMA. But we'll try our best to keep you posted either here or on IG.

To achieve our goal of 1:45 at Buttonwillow we will need to drop as much weight as possible, and add as much power as possible. We've already pulled just about everything we could out of the car, now it's time to add power. We start by sending our OEM turbos in to Pure Turbos in Oceanside so they can build them into their P900 kit. Power limits haven't been found yet but these should be able to produce over 900whp with supporting mods. Our transmission limits us to roughly 700hp so we won't be shooting for the moon just yet, but we would like to land just under that limit.

To reach our goal of 700 we need more fuel. When we started adding ethanol during our last tune we quickly maxed out the OEM direct injection system. The OEM system can't be upgraded so we need to add to it in the form of Port Injection. Luckily our build partner CSF just completed their wild new billet manifold, that has a port injection option. It's truly a beautiful piece, check it out below. As well as some shots of our Radium surge tank, Injector Dynamics injectors and Visconti electronics to complete the new fuel set up.

Our crazy light, full carbon Alpha N hood. On it's way to paint to match the top to the car.

Lexan P4P windows going in this week to drop more weight.

KMP suede wheel is lighter, has a much better grip and gives us a huge upgrade in paddle shifter feel.

And finally, something special we've been saving for last. Our Recaro Pro Racer RMS 2600A. Full carbon, super light, almost futuristic look. The perfect seat for a modern car like the G82 M4.

Back to the grind. Wish us luck.

10/19/22 // GTA Finals 2023 Prep has begun! First stop RS Motorsport

With GTA only around a month away it's going to be a bit of a crunch to get the next round of mods done, but with a great team in place we're sure we'll get it done.

First stop is RS Motorsport. We're coming for that 1:45 at Buttonwillow, and at that pace we NEED a proper cage to protect our driver.  We hit up our fabricator Riley Stair a few months ago to get us in line and he's finally ready for us. So first step, we had to pull the full interior of the car. Only the absolute essentials will be going back in. NGL, we do feel a little bad pulling such a nice interior apart, but we're sure the racey feels we pick up after this round of mods will outweigh the comfort we lost. 

With interior out Riley was able to knock out an 8-pt cage in a crazy short amount of time and it is a WORK OF ART. Notice how tight Riley fit the bars up to the body and roof giving us as much room as possible inside. Some bars are actually so close it's hard to see that the car has a cage in it from some angles. Full TIG, we're going to feel bad painting it at some point. 

6/06/22 // Testing at ACS with Bimmer Challenge

Suspension tuning with RS Future. Dialing the V4's and alignment specs with the infinite adjustability from the SPL arms. Also fit the new RS Future side splitters.

5/17/22 // DME Unlock and Tuning

The other day we pulled our DME so we could send it to Vicsonti to get cloned onto an unlocked DME. After a 2 week turn around we installed the new unlocked DME, installed ECUtek and got the car tuned by Zach of CSG. Zach was out of town and had to remote tune, so our friend Bisi let us use his dyno while Zach remoted in. 

11/14/21 // Global Time Attack Finals '21

After a long month slamming the next phase of the M4 together it was a treat for the whole team to see it perform at GTA. With Nicky Hays behind the wheel, we were able to set our new fastest time of 1:49.70. Also the fastest official G8x time at Buttonwillow. Now that we've broken into the 1:40's the next goal is breaking that 1:45 mark. LFG!!

11/2/21 // SEMA & Global Time Attack Finals Prep

KW V4 coilover install.

SPL control arms, RS Future flares, wing, splitter. Titan 7 wheels and Supercar 3R tires.

And here's the final reveal at CSF's SEMA booth.

3/12/21 // The Beginning

Say hello to the newest addition to the Attack fleet, our 2021 BMW M4 Comp. A collaborative build with our cooling partner CSF Cooling and our build partner RS Future. With a starting 475hp/tq and huge power potential this is guaranteed to be a fun one. 

First thing we did was take the car to the legendary Buttonwillow Raceway in 100% stock form to get a baseline. Our driver Matt Rojana drove the car to an impressive 1:56.10. Now let's get started with development and see how far we can push this thing.


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