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Art of Attack "FK8" Civic Type R Build Journal

Most recent build updates are at the top. Scroll down to catch up on the story. Follow @artofattack for more.

02/15/23 // TCR Install updates

It's taken some trimming of the chassis and some custom mounting points, but we have almost the full TCR wide body kit mounted. Being a time attack build, we aren't restricted by TCR class rules, so we'll be going a bit more aggressive on the aero than a standard TCR car. *RS Future has entered the chat* More on this later. Enjoy the progress photos. 

02/08/23 // The First Time Attack TCR FK8

Picking up a fresh K20C1 from HPD was cool, but this is what we've REALLY been excited about. After years of bugging the HPD team for a TCR kit we finally got our wish. This is the first TCR kit HPD has allowed to go to a time attack team and it'll actually be the first to be fitted to an FK8 chassis. Little known fact, all of the factory TCR Civic race cars are built using an FK7 chassis. That means this kit is going to take a little work to fit, maybe some trimming and custom bracketry, but it will all be worth it in the end to be able to see the TCR silhouette on the time attack field. Stay tuned for install updates. 

09/21/22 // The King is Back, With New Friends

It's been a while! We've had a busy year working on our other builds but we've quietly been lining up a crazy next phase for the FK8 and we're ready to start showing you guys what we've been working on.

This is a huge moment for us. Today we bring on Honda HPD as a partner on our FK8 build. It's truly an honor to be working with Honda on this project and we're excited to see how far we can take the build with factory support. We start with a fresh crate K20C1. The old motor was getting tired after the years of hard driving so we decided to swap a fresh 0 mile motor in as preventative maintenance. However, this is just the start of our HPD partnership... 

09/24/21 // GTA at Long Beach Grand Prix

This weekend we had the opportunity to compete in an incredible event: The Long Beach Grand Prix. We ended the weekend with a 1:30.4, only .8 of a second off podium. Regardless, the experience was UNREAL. We can't wait to come back next year.

07/16/21 // Super Street Feature

Go check out the Art of Attack x Type R Jose FK8 feature on Super Street: "Building a Record-Setting Honda Civic Type R"

05/24/21 // P600 Turbo Upgrade

With the new Pure Turbos P600 turbo upgrade in, we made 480hp/440tq on an e50 blend. Once we build the trans we should be able to turn it up to 550whp. Great shake down day with Vtec Club, taking P1 in Group A.

03/07/21 // Vtec Club

Just for fun. Vtec Club track hangs with the boys.

12/19/2020 // SUB 50

Jose wanted to end the year in the 40's and he's ending the year in the 40's. With an official time of 1:49.90, we've reset our own Street FWD and Civic Type R records again. Jose is a beast! Onto 2021, LFG. 

11/14/20 // Global Time Attack Finals at Buttonwillow Raceway Park

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. New Street Front Wheel Drive Record locked. Fastest Time Attack Civic Type R ever at Buttonwillow. We ended the weekend with Jose driving the FK8 to a 1:50.6, just a hair away from 1:40's! This was an amazing GTA Finals, but this build is still in it's infancy. We can't wait to continue development and come back for those 40's.

11/6/20 // Buttonwillow Testing Prior to GTA

You're looking at the new unofficial Street FWD Buttonwillow record holder. Now let's make it official next week. 

11/5/20 // Turbo Tuning

The car wanted to make 500+, but we detuned to 450whp to ensure our trans doesn't blow at GTA from the new power/torque. GTA is going to be fun... 

11/3/20 // Turbo Upgrade

Before hitting Global Time Attack next week we reached out to our friends at Pure Turbos in Oceanside, CA to get some more power into the car. They hooked us up with their Pure 550 upgrade and next we'll be heading over to Daniel at Church Auto Test for a tune. 

9/27/20 // Testing, Chuckwalla Valley Raceway

Shaking the car down today, Jose ran a 1:58. A respectable time, but there is a ton of time left in development and Jose getting used to the car. Back to the shop to make some changes and then back out for more testing. When it's dialed this thing is going to FLY. GTA finals around the corner, can't wait to see what we can do at Buttonwillow Raceway.

8/16/20 // Last Stop, Tuning

With most loose ends tied up, it's finally time to tune the K20C1 for all for all of the modifications we've made. We head over to our good friends at Bisimoto in Ontario, CA to have Bisi tune our FK8 using Hondata Flashpro. We also picked up some new kicks, Yokohama Advan GT's. Ready for some action.

5/22/20 // More Build, Almost Ready For Track

With our new Spoon and Varis body panels back from paint, next step was to send the FK8 to Ken Suen (owner of Big Red, a legendary FA5 from several years ago) for a splitter to balance the APR wing, some custom holders for the JRZ reservoirs, and radiator/bumper ducting that will help keep airflow passing through our Koyorad radiator and Greddy oil cooler, making them work as efficiently as possible. A roll bar, Bride bucket seat and harness were also installed to keep Jose safe while he's out here breaking records.

04/04/20 // The Build Begins

We're starting by installing a set of JRZ RS Pro2 Coilovers fitted with Eibach springs. An APR wing for more rear downforce at high speeds. Some Titan7 TS-5 wheels wrapped in Yokohama A052 tires. A Hybrid Racing shifter for a more crisp shit feel. PRL downpipe, intercooler and intake. A titanium Js Racing exhaust. And a Koyorad radiator to help keep temps down on the hot California track days.

Next we picked up a Spoon Sports front bumper and a Varis hood. Both pieces have a ton more venting than OEM, working with the Koyorad will help cool the engine and engine bay to avoid the overheating issues that FK8's are prone to. Huge thank you to our friends at High Speed Collision in Riverside, CA for knocking these out for us. AMAZING paint work, if anyone ever needs high quality work done we 100% recommend Jason Gamble and the High Speed Collision crew.

12/15/19 // The Beginning

Let's finish off this busy weekend with an exciting announcement... We're kicking off an Art of Attack FK8 with our good friend Type R Jose! Over the next few weeks the CTR will be torn apart and rebuilt with several major improvements, and will be ready to race by early 2020. If you've been following us for a little while then you know we don't skimp when it's time to build, and we like to win. Stay tuned for an exciting build and an even more exciting 2020 season.



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